you ask a new parent anywhere in the world what they
want most for their child, the answer is likely to be good health. Yet, in the US and across
the globe, too many people do not pay enough attention to their
own health and wellness, and the health and wellness of their families,
and their communities. Large numbers of us are overweight,
poorly nourished, sleep deprived, and under constant stress. No matter where you are in your
lifespan, or where you live, you can improve your own health and
wellness, and that of your family’s, your community’s, and the world. We have a problem, but you
can be part of the solution. This class provides
an introduction health and wellness, and includes topics on
nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and disease
prevention and risk reduction. As part of the Global
Freshman Academy at ASU, you could earn college credits
while learning about how to improve your health and well being. I’m Punam Ohri-Vachaspati,
and I’ll be the instructor for the XW100 health and wellness. I’m a public health
nutrition researcher who studies how policies shape the
environments in which we live, work, study, and play, and how
those environments affect our food and physical activity related
behaviors, and our health. I look forward to connecting
with you through this course. [MUSIC PLAYING]