You know, we’re pretty good these days
about recognizing the importance of care and exercise for our bodies. But what about our souls? I’m brother Mark Mackey and I want to
talk to you today about the Spiritual Exercises of
St. Ignatius of Loyola. St. Ignatius wrote the Spiritual Exercises
a series of prayers, meditations, and contemplations with plenty of reps. All designed to bulk up your
relationship with God. Running a marathon can seem
daunting, right? Well any decent trainer will tell you
you don’t just jump into 26 mile runs.
You slowly work up to that following a set training plan. The Spiritual Exercises
work the same way. They’re a time-tested
and tailor-made way to strengthen your soul and hustle you
along the path to God. But don’t just watch me
having all the fun. Tune into future videos where we’ll
walk you through the major parts of the Exercises.