CARF’s Working on Wellness Committee
or as we call it, the WOW Committee works on supporting employee health and physical
health, emotional health, and supporting an environment here at CARF that will
lead to employee wellness. The program has really grown in the past few years
because we’ve gotten more people excited about it and we’ve gotten a lot of
support from upper management. So we’re able to offer more activities over the
course of the year as we listen to our employees to find out what they might be
interested in. Today, we’re having our annual health fair. We have vendors come
in from a variety of organizations. We have a chiropractor doing chair massages,
we have a couple of financial planning organizations, our Employee Assistance
Program, nurse practitioners and just a lot of resources that our employees can
take advantage of on work time or outside of work to benefit their
wellness lifestyle. One thing that people said they wanted to do was learn more
about healthy cooking and healthy recipes, so we started a program we call
WOW Chow and once a month we cook a healthy recipe we bring it into the
break room and everybody can share and people can learn that kale really isn’t
so terrible and they can learn how to say quinoa now. So we’ve made some great
strides in that area. Some of the things we have coming up in the future are some
more community outreach activities. So as part of the multi-dimensional wellness
model we want to do community wellness and so we’re looking to a volunteer day
maybe at the food pantry, or the Humane Society. We’re also gonna do some outdoor
activities as the Tucson weather allows we’re looking into scheduling a group
hike in Sabino Canyon and participating in some charity walks, like the Nami
Walk, the American Heart Association and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
The advice I would offer to other companies is don’t be afraid to start
small. You don’t have to implement a huge program with an enormous budget. If you
can just do a few webinars, encourage people to go on walks together, maybe
play some yoga videos on YouTube. A few changes here and there can make
great strides for employee health and help build morale while you’re at it.