welcome to another exclusive YouTube workout from John Garey TV today we're gonna be working with the jump board I love the jump board super fun and you're gonna get a great little cardio workout in so we are starting with one heavy spring on and I've got the jump board on obviously and I've got my head rest up for comfort I'm gonna come down and the one heavy spring is really a good spring to work for a warm up so I'm gonna start with a basic jump here my feet are about hip distance apart and we're gonna work here just for through the warm up really focusing on technique and what I want you to think about is when you push when you jump push through the heel and then roll off the foot to heel ball toe and then when you land you do the reverse you kind of go toe ball heel now the heel may lift as you come closer to the jump board when you land that's okay just push through the heel as you jump back out and you want to keep us neutral line in here in the pelvis and lumbar spine that means you have the nice natural curve in the lower back and you're not press down into the character it's a good shock-absorbing position for your spine and you're gonna inhale to take off and exhale to land arms are relaxed shoulders are open nice big breath and use that exhale to recruit your abs as you land to help you stabilize now what we're gonna do is just go into a jumping jacks so you bring your legs together and then you'll jump and bring your legs apart reach out and jump together and apart the goal is to land nice and softly so your muscles are actually working through that impact and not your joints and land softly press back out there and do that again and back in and we'll do that just one more time here and then we're going to come into a single leg so you're gonna it's like a jog so you're gonna lift one leg up as the other one lands and then alternate from side to side here you want to make sure that that knee is tracking over the center of the foot and just pressing through you should start to feel nice and warm now respiration should be going up you're still controlling the pelvis making sure it's not engine land use that exhale let's do about four more here exhale as you land and three and two and one alright and then come in slowly land softly and then we're gonna go into our agility jumps so what I want you to do here is add a light spring so one heavy one light is usually pretty good and we're gonna come down and the first thing we're gonna do is go into our basic because you're gonna notice that the carriage comes in a lot more quickly than it did with just the one spring so you have to control it and now that we're a little warmer we can make these jumps just a little bit bigger jumping out there and we're reaching through stretch to the toes now be careful not to let the legs droop you want to think about floating them up about an inch not very high but that will help you really put the lever in a better position to hold your pelvis steady and jump out now let's go into our jumping jack here with this higher spring you're gonna feel more work exhale as you land just keep it nice and fluid hope you're putting on your favorite tunes here head and jump I have music playing in my head and jump that's it a couple more times and then let's go into it jog so you're gonna land with one leg jump out and land with the other I'm gonna bring that leg right up into that tabletop position don't let it collapse and here again you're really keeping the pelvis still and let's do eight more seven you should be feeling this six relax the arms four more three two and one and come in slowly and now we're gonna go into what I call our slow motion jumps so you're gonna go just onto a light spring these are core jumps and we're actually gonna do a variation of the hundreds so you're gonna scoot down away from the shoulder s and we're gonna support our head so you're gonna come up flexed spine hands behind your head elbows where you can see them in your side vision and you can have your legs together by a basic easy jump jumping out and coming back in so what we want to do is jump out exhale and then inhale the same amount of time exhale five four three two one inhale five four three two one exhale and inhale if you want you can hold your arms here and in and again jump and hold and exhale jump and hold let's do two more sets jump and hold last one jump out there should be feeling the ABS and hold and relaxed yeah now from here we're gonna take our resistance up again so we're gonna go into one heavy in one light and we're gonna go into it another agility jump set so from here right into a basic jumps to start with right now and find your neutral just get used to the speed of the carriage again and the power the force of it coming back in so you can't roll it then we're gonna land with both feet and then we're gonna land with one foot in the center both feet again one foot in the center I call this hopscotch and both feet and land in the center and both feet and land in the center let's do a couple more sets of those and Center and again both hip distance Center one more set of each both and then Center one more vote and then Center now go back to your basic feet hip distance apart jumping and let's go into our cross country so you're gonna take one foot up one foot down and switch jump out there now make it a little bigger switch the bottom foot heel will not go down top foot it will and push a few more here that's it and now go back into your basic now with your feet landing in the same spot rotate the legs so that they both turn to the right they both turn to the left so moguls landing in the same spot but rotating the hip joint knees track over the center of the feet and again and land let's do four three more sets make a little bigger two more sets one more set whoa and back to Center and come in alright come on up we're gonna switch our spring again and we're gonna go back to that light spring so coming right down onto your back slow motion jumps we're doing the AB series so let's start with your hands behind your head like we did for hundreds and flexed up then you're gonna take off with both feet you're gonna bring one knee in and then land with both feet exhale pull the other leg in and land so this is our single leg stretch give yourself a pause every time you land reset and press and then you can reach your arms toward the lake that's coming in and then toward both knees when you land or the leg that's coming towards you and then toward both exhale jump inhale land soft exhale jump control it don't hit the back of the reformer and don't hit the stopper and again now hands behind your head let's add criss cross rotate and Center rotate and hold rotate exhale and hold rotate for more food feeling those ABS turn and Center turn and set of two boy exhale and Center exhale and set it up both hands double leg stretch reach come around land soft and exhale reach and come around and again reach up and around two more rich one more time reach now scissors so one leg goes up grab on to it pulse both legs one pulses up one pulses down shoo three and four or more five exhaling inhale and six seven and eight come in and relax down all right from here we're in kicking up a notch so you're gonna go to two heavy Springs because these are called power jumps so you're gonna come back down and we're gonna do a minute here so take your feet hip distance apart give me just basic jumps now notice it is significantly faster and more challenging in terms of a landing then that spring we were just on so just get used to it first really put the brakes on when you land and don't slam into that jump board feel like you're catching it and throwing back out and catch the jump board row it back up and again and we can make it bigger jump and jump let's do two more and then we're gonna go into jumping jacks so we're gonna go out and in and up land soft and in and again and end let's do about five more jumping jacks bring it back in for make it bigger three really push out there two one and in and relax all right come on up let's go to just one heavy spring and we're gonna come up kneeling hook your thumbs around the shoulder rest so you don't slip off and put your back knee right in line with your hip one of them and the other foot goes on the jump board and give me a jump here just pressing out AB strong hips level and press away and let's do that five more and four three two one now add a little lift to that leg lift and again lift keep the ABS strong lift and lift and lift and now tuck and leg tuck and lay three two and one and come in let's switch match up the knees on the carriage and then jump just straight jumps and exhale press out there and again push and we got it for us out there just three more then we'll add and in abs in gonna feel your shoulders working in a minute and now lift lift and two and three and four and five now let's add that tuck but catch it soft four and exhale three and two and one and in all right from there last set of agility jumps so go to one heavy one light come on down basics first so just easy jump lamb with control and again that's it nice and control and let's do by five four and four exhale three and two and one now you're gonna give me three small jumps one two three and one giant jump Oh small one two three giant pallet small one two three one more here here we go and one two three now giant and give me five Giants and four and exhale three and two and one and softly in whew all right come on up just go to one spring on one side of the reformer and step off and let's put the front foot right next to the front leg of the reformer and let's stretch out these hips sink down back foot against the shoulder rest and just stretch back easy stretch back come forward and up so first you're sinking down and then you're sliding back try not to push with your arms push with your legs and then forward enough and again sinking down pressing back and two more and press and one more time exhaling back and forward and up now we're just gonna change our heavy spring over to the other side and outside foot goes up next to the front foot of the reformer back foot against the shoulder SC press and and let's do that again sink and press back and up the ABS stay strong you're pushing through that back leg so that glute stays engaged and come forth let's do that again sink and press hey there bamm-bamm and one more time press back come on in and forward whenever you're back and that's it for us I hope you enjoyed this I know bamm-bamm got a lot out of it I hope you did too hey hit the like button for me and also subscribe to us on YouTube so you see when our next workout is coming out and if you'd like longer workouts that even come with no check out our app and join us on John Garey tv.com bye everybody good good job