I would advise anyone who was interested and
they may be on the fence about a major, especially someone who’s a pre-health student to look
at ICP. Consider it. It’s a really great background for someone
who wants to go into healthcare. During the interview process for medical school,
when asked about my major I really saw it come through as an asset in that I was able
to relate all my experiences that I’d had really back to my major, and how that was
a foundation for how I understand health and really how it’s so interconnected and interdisciplinary. So, I definitely think that just the frame
of reference that was created by having the major was a huge asset and it really helped
me to articulate all my interests very well. I’m interested in pharmacy and I’m really
interested in learning about specific patients’ overall health and wellness, and this degree
will most definitely allow me to do so. It doesn’t limit you to any particular niche
of health, because we know that it is a compilation of many different things. It was a good introduction to a lot of different
categories, which I could apply to dentistry and to my future life. I really value just being able to explore
all of what health consists of. I picked public health as my focus area. Some students picked nutrition. Some people picked exercise science. You could pick different areas and I picked
public health. I chose the addiction studies emphasis. It really was interesting to me because it
allowed me to pursue my special interest in that particular field. The advice I’d give to a student who’s considering
the health and wellness track is to think about how other degree options, how they may
lend themselves to your desired goal and then compare that to how the health and wellness
degree can do that very same thing but also enable you to be creative in the process.