with intellectual disability die up to 20 years younger
than the rest of us. They have multiple health
conditions that are often undiagnosed and poorly treated. Their health care is vastly inadequate. And we want to improve this situation. Through the Able X-series
we explore the complexities of health issues with people
themselves, their families, disability organizations, health
professionals, and academics in the field. We draw on their wisdom on how
to provide better health care. You will hear from more than 100
contributors from 17 countries. The Able 101X, Through my
eyes, we hear the voices of people with intellectual disability,
their family, and supporters. They talk about the barriers to
health care, how they communicate, how their disability affects them,
and what has been successful. We feel privileged to be
able to share with you their intimate and moving stories. In Able 201X, Well and able,
we examine in more detail the physical health needs of people
with intellectual disability. We focus on health issues, health care
delivery, syndrome specific health conditions, health assessments,
and consent and decision making. We also examine health
promotion and healthy living, with a close look at oral health,
mental health, sexual health, epilepsy, and aging. In Able 301X, Able-minded, we examine
the mental health and well-being of people with
intellectual disability who have a high prevalence of mental
disorders and psychological distress. We discuss mental health
promotion and assessment, and management of mental disorders
and challenging behaviors. There is a special focus on the
legal and ethical complexities in health practices with patients
who often require substitute consent. The AbleX course will
help you to support people with intellectual disability, and
keep them healthy and better informed. Come with us on this journey
of learning and together we can save lives and
make a real difference.