(upbeat music) So I’m finally here at Jazz at the Lincoln Center in New York City, at the conference, and I’m loving every second if it. The conference has totally exceeded my expectations. It’s been really fun, I feel like I have some motivation to keep going since I’m at the half way point in the program. One of the best times was after lunch yesterday, after a little yoga we danced, the whole room was up dancing. It was pure joy. I was smiling from ear to ear. The dance break was fun. I liked seeing Joshua’s dance moves. The energy in the room, you could just feel it. The speaker’s are really exciting. I knew that a few of them would be here, like Deepak Chopra. Deepak, wow. What can I say? It was this collective feeling of putting our hand on our heart and connecting that this soul within us has been the same at every age and every stage of our lives. Arianna Huffington was amazing, she was totally inspirational. I feel really excited about seeing her in person. What an incredible woman, she brought such a strong message to us as health coaches. She told us a little bit about her own health, and how it brought her back to the fact that it’s about taking care of ourselves first, and if we don’t do that, none of the other stuff really matters. It’s been really nice to hangout with some of the people I already have met in New York, and I’ve met a lot of new people, a lot of people that have flown from all over the world, which is really cool. So many dots are being connected, and they’re being connected in a very natural way that makes sense to me, and I’m just thrilled. The conference has been really fun, it’s a great way to spend a weekend. I feel like I’ve learned so much.