And I think that’s pathetic and it’s bullshit and I honestly I don’t think you deserve any of the accolades that you’re getting What’s going on Nation? And welcome back to INSTA-GAHHHBAGE I got three more videos for you guys today Before we jump into that Let’s have a little serious moment because I just want to take some time and thank all of you for your continued support over the years I feel like I don’t do it enough and guys we averaged about five million video views a month Which means you’re constantly coming back to learn more information from me And it means a lot it means a lot to me to not just have your support but to know that you feel confident that the information I’m giving you is going to help you and that’s why this series it honestly is Dedicated to you guys. You guys hit me up on DMs on Instagram you send me videos where you’re not sure if the information is good or if it’s gonna help you or hurt you and then you Leave it up to me to make the decision and that’s a big responsibility, and I’m honored to have it. So, thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and I promise to keep making these videos and making them as fun as I can But let’s just make sure that we keep up with the same pattern. Okay? Anybody we talked about we’re not cyberbullying we’re leaving constructive criticism only and I’m very proud of all of you Because I really ripped apart Growwithjo and you guys went to her video But you left things that were more constructive criticism You weren’t mean and that’s what this is all about And just a quick recap for episode 1 Growwithjo did leave a comment on my video. You guys can read it It’s still there. We went back and forth a couple times We just weren’t connecting. You have to read it yourself Cameron Chase DM’d me on Instagram and he said thank you so much for the constructive criticism And the honest input on the exercise. We actually chatted back and forth a little bit we talked about a possible collab together so that was really cool Cameron was a really nice guy and then to address some of you guys leaving comments about Brad’s Tweet a lot of you guys commented the same exact thing. You said Scott, I think you just misunderstood What Brad meant and maybe I should have made it more clear as to why I was calling out The tweet it wasn’t really necessarily calling out Brad in general. Obviously. He’s done a lot for the fitness community Okay, the tweet itself though because it was left open to interpretation That’s why it was sent to me from several of you because you didn’t understand what it meant And I guess I was a little maybe a little crazy talking about Joe’s workout videos That I went in a little too hard on that but it was the tweet itself Not being clear what it meant because there are must do exercises and there are specific ways You should be training depending on what your goal is. So now that that’s done. Let’s move on into episode two if you guys are enjoying the series make sure you tap that like button and the first video we’re gonna talk about I feel like Ricky I gotta put the link to this you guys cuz I’m not gonna show the whole video Like this video came on one time late at night when I was sitting at my desk and like it was so creepy I was like what the hell is going on with my computer right now I was like playing on my phone and it was like do you want to build sculpted chest and make chiseled chest I was like whoa, okay, so we’ll put the link down for you guys to check out but This video right here it’s selling a product and I’m like 99.9999% sure, none of you would fall for this. This is like 80s style marketing the device itself It’s called a Peck sculptor and it’s basically this thing you know that you hold like this and you squeeze it back and forth It’s almost like that thing your mom had To use to squeeze your thighs together, but you use it for your chest if anything actually that piece of equipment looks better put together than this and you’ll see in a second but The guy on camera he talks about how he Competed and how he built the sculpted chest and in the very beginning of the video. He’s like, I know guys I can bench 200 250 300 pounds but still can’t sculpt their chest I personally don’t know too many guys, like even if you’re a big power lifter You still kind of have a big chest if you’re benching all that weight with proper form we won’t get into that right now he talked about here how he knows tons and tons of these guys that can bench all this weight, but they can’t seem to sculpt their chest and I had yet to see any of those people in this video, he doesn’t show any photos He just says that he knows a ton of guys That can bench a lot but don’t have a sculpted chest. My favorite part of this clip is instead of zooming in on him and Letting him kind of talk the pictures pulled back so you can see this like huge diploma on the wall alright which is hilarious, office is a mess couldn’t even clean his office to do this video, but he basically says that The pec sculptor involves adducting the arm, so it’s like having a cable machine anywhere you go We all know that if you’re trying to build a big chest and all you do is cables You’re not gonna build a big sculpted chest You have to overload and you can overload a lot more when it comes to benching whether it’s barbell or dumbbells Versus doing a cable machine this is the underlying What I teach in my only two series on how to build a bigger and then this guy Chase Chaplin Master Trainer Always had a hard time getting the chest that he wants and then if he shows his Before-and-after photos. He basically just goes from white to tan. There’s no change in his chest like it looks like he literally was white and He’s not smiling And then they’re like go tanning for a week and then come back and then we’ll do your after photo and we’ll change the angle A little bit like it’s so ridiculous The music is hilarious And now he’s on the street and he’s like I found some super strong guys to try my product on the street. This guy’s like anybody who does this with this machine You’re gonna feel your chest activate whether or not you’re building muscle or sculpting You’re still sending blood to the area. Okay, we all know that the pump doesn’t equal muscle growth You need muscle damage We talked about the three muscle building mechanisms mechanical tension metabolic stress muscle damage Those things aren’t happening here Maybe you can overload with volume, but you’re gonna have to squeeze this thing about a hundred times to get enough volume for it to actually tire you out and it’s like I guess another way to explain it is a lot of you guys complain you’re like I’m stuck in a plateau because all I can do is bodyweight and push-ups are too easy. That’s what the equivalents is to this So if you’ve been doing push-ups all the time And you’re still not building that sculpted chest that you want and it’s not getting bigger. This isn’t gonna do anything for you either It’s the same underlying principle. Oh, yeah, he meets up with John Hanson three times Mr. Universe who doesn’t really say a word just kind of looks at it like okay, I’m squeezing my chest and The same exact resistance for Mr. Universe apparently is enough for his girlfriend to do the same exact thing. And it looks like she’s squeezing it together better than he is and then we get to the end here and then this is we’re gonna end this part because my Favorite pose that guys do when they’re trying too hard to show how muscular they are All you have to do is look in the back right here and if you see that Shoulder blade sticking out. It’s because they’re rolling their shoulder and trying to push it forward so hard and then you cross the arms like this to push the biceps up like you see on the cover of Men’s Health all the time whenever they have a Celebrity who’s not really in shape But maybe he’s in a hot movie and they want to put his workout program there You’ll always see the hands under biceps pushing out the biceps look like this He’s basically doing the same thing, he’s rolling his shoulder and shoulder blade sticking out So it’s like this guy doesn’t even really have an impressive chest whatsoever And we all know that muscle definition and toning Obviously if you’re exercising That’s gonna help a lot of it has to do with meal plan If you want to be leaner this will stimulate the area but is it gonna build you that big chest in the amount of time like for example if you just Went to the gym and started overloading a bit more with dumbbells or barbells on your on your bench press No, it’s not. So like I said, I don’t think any of you would ever fall for this I feel like I only saw it because I have a big channel I saw an ad on my channel, but you gotta keep in mind YouTube is all over the world Like for example, I have a huge fan base in India a lot of subscribers from India and fitness is still Relatively new there and I feel like they haven’t seen a lot of stuff like this So people might buy it to try it especially because a lot of people out there work out from home So in America, I don’t think I’m gonna walk down the street and see anybody doing this on the beach in Florida but other parts of the world where Fitness is just still relatively new maybe some people might fall for it Next up is this Instagram page right here Bribaebee And as you’ll soon find out after going here, every single thing on her page is all about this chicks butt Okay And this was actually sent to me from someone who I met over the weekend when I was at island of adventure I was actually leaving the park and this girl ran up to me and she’s like are you Scott Herman? I was like, yes, she was like OMG my boyfriend is your biggest fan But he’s over there in line waiting for our pizza and so I went over there and said hello, and we all started chatting and we obviously started talking about fitness and The girlfriend they asked me not to show their photos or mention their name They said he could tell the story So that’s why I’m not showing their photos right now but the girlfriend was telling me how When they first met that they would go to the gym together and work out and she was doing this program that she paid like a hundred dollars for from BriBaeBee and it’s all about building a big butt and building your glutes which Is 90 percent of the programs that these women on Instagram sell they sell these but programs and then when she met her boyfriend He took a look at the program because she was basically saying that it was way too much volume She was tired all the time her gym workouts took forever and the boyfriend was like yeah You’re doing way too much and then he actually sent her to my channel and sent her the only two Exercises you need to build your glutes video and her entire world changed And so I said listen, I do this series called INSTA-GAHHHBAGE can you send me the workout program so I can take a look and then send me BriBaeBee’s Instagram page and so she did and Here we are. Now I don’t want to give obviously give away BriBaeBee’s entire program because legally I can’t but so there’s two workouts each week to focus on the butt Which ok, I’ll give it to you BriBaeBee yeah, if you want to increase any muscle that’s lagging you need to train it multiple times a week, but after looking at the entire program it almost looked like she put together a list of as many exercises as she knew trained the butt besides glute bridges with heavy weight And then just kind of put them on the program and move them around so it kind of made sense like overloading you with Exercises to make me think that they’re going to work if you take a look, I mean to me immediately Everything is 10 reps 15 reps 20 reps Nothing is ever really low like there’s no heavy overloading you guys If you need if you want to build a muscle You’ve got to have mechanical tension not every single exercise needs to be for heavyweight for six to eight repetitions but if you’re trying to build muscle Doing all of these high repetition exercises Isn’t gonna work it might work maybe a little in the beginning. Maybe not necessarily building muscle You’re just kind of firming up what’s already there Right, and then as I started looking at her Instagram and her workouts and all of her photos I mean I just really started to kind of understand that this chick just happens to be genetically blessed with a big fat booty or she has injections because if you watch this video right here, and there’s multiple examples of this like Her butt is jiggling the entire time She does every single exercise if you have a solid booty Those muscles should be flexing like when you do curls does your bicep jiggle or around the entire time? No, it stays in place because you’re focusing on it. You have that mind-muscle connection. You’re flexing it as you go up and Every exercise she does I mean, obviously this is a leg curl but still even when doing a leg curl You can flex your glute and curl your leg up to work your hamstrings and have those muscles try to work synergistically together you know and if I scroll through a bit more a lot of the stuff she shows your typical girl stuff and girls are obsessed with like pulsing right? It’s almost like when girls are trying to find a booty workout and they see a girl with a really thick booty who’s super skinny They’re like, oh my god. I gotta do what this girl is doing. A lot of the workouts are super light weight Kickbacks and then like superset it with like squat pulses versus just overloading with weight to get the muscle built, right? So I was not impressed with Bribaebee and after talking to to this girl and her boyfriend about the workout She was doing it was made very obvious to me why she wasn’t seeing results and why she was feeling overtrained Way too much volume when she could literally cut the amount of exercises in half I mean every day she’s doing four exercises for her glutes, right? You can do two a day and have two workouts throughout the week So maybe on day one you do heavy barbell glute bridges followed by a kickback I guess if you want to I’d rather you do a reverse lunge leaning forwards isolate your glutes more And then on day two do some heavy hip thrust like at least get the heavy sets in Doing this 12-week program if you’ve never trained before will you see results Of course You’re gonna see results no matter what if you’ve never trained before any shitty program is gonna give you results But is your butt gonna go from pancake to super booty? No, that’s not gonna happen A lot of that is genetics same thing with guys like the PEC sculptor If you’re not genetically blessed with a huge chest, you can improve what you’ve got, but there’s no magic formula of exercises That’s gonna make your chest huge But unfortunately a lot of women think that there is a formula for the butt because a lot of these women either Like her she’s super skinny and either she’s genetically blessed with a big butt or she does butt injections a lot of these girls Do butt injections There was a huge scandal with Paige Hathaway I believe where she was doing butt injections or photoshopping her photos And she was selling her booty program like this is not uncommon so you guys can take a look at her page again constructive criticism only but girls if you’re watching this understand also too that camera angles and Before-and-after photos make a huge difference and we’ll take this one right here. For example Camera angle one is low facing up camera angle two higher facing down more to the side So the butt is starting to look bigger remember things like that Okay And the third and final video we’re gonna talk about today is this one right here Natty or Not the Truth Because obviously the truth is gonna be in this video by Brandon Harding so guys listen Obviously when I first watched the video, I know in some parts of the video that he was trolling obviously Max Chewning is a natural athlete, okay I understand that and I wasn’t even mad that he was saying things like Simone Panda is a hundred percent natural his entire life because he’s black. I’m like this kid is just really stupid doesn’t understand how steroids work Can I say for sure Simone Panda is on steroids? No I can’t and I don’t want to get sued but I can say I’m 99.9% Sure that he is and just because you work out for 20 years doesn’t equal more muscle gain We know what natural limits are We’ve talked about them in previous videos and then he talks about Steve Cook being 100% lifetime Natural and how he’d be stupid if he said that he was because people would lose respect for him. Actually Steve did come out and say that he Wasn’t always natural and he didn’t lose any respect Because unlike you he doesn’t base his whole career on the drugs that he takes to build the body that he built All right, that’s exactly what you’re doing whether you want to admit it or not when you first started your channel That’s when I first heard about you You weren’t admitting that you were on steroids. In this video you say that if you do the exact thing that you did that you’re a piece of shit So you basically called yourself one now Because people are coming out and they’re being called real and they’re getting lots of views for admitting their steroids you decided to do that and ever since then every single video you’ve ever made will be mentioned steroids cycle or the drugs you’re taking Those videos have the most views and because you know those videos get the most views That’s why you make them because views and likes equals money So you’re telling kids that you have this amazing life and you do all these cool things and you’re building all this muscle granted to that one video idea was complain for like 20 minutes about how terrible your steroid cycle is and then you’re like Oh, I hope you guys never do this But watch me do it and get inspired to do it because that’s what exactly is gonna happen. You say I think everybody should use steroids at least once To see what their max potential is. Okay Let me dissect that for a second for you Brandon because you’re 22 year old 22 years old and you’re still wet behind the ears Okay Your audience clearly is young kids right early teens 20s, maybe mid 20s Okay, they watch your videos for inspiration. You workout hard you built a pretty big physique Alright, they get inspired by it when they see your videos They see a dudes doing a lot of things they want to do you have a house you have a girlfriend you’re doing events And you’ve built a lot of muscle and then they see the solution to that take steroids Oh Brandon’s fine Yeah, he bitches and complains a lot about how terrible he feels, but he hasn’t stopped So I guess there really are no risks to doing this and that’s exactly what you’re preaching in this stupid Natty, or not video the truth, which has zero truth in it I don’t even know why you put Christian Guzmán in here because the dude pays your bills Even if he wasn’t natural you wouldn’t say so Why would you? He would cut you from Alphalete and by the way Christian I think you should cut him from Alphalete because as much as I rip on Gym Shark At least if they have athletes who were openly talking about the steroids they take they cut them immediately Because they don’t want to promote that so why you’re putting your name behind somebody like this? I have no idea because it’s not real to do the things that he’s doing In fact, it’s stupid and to have all these impressionable kids, okay Think about when you were 14 15 16 years old right, very impressionable, especially if you had a goal in mind So if you look up to someone and they’re doing steroids and they’re showing you exactly how to do it You think of kid’s not gonna do that? Of course they are and the main beef I have with this entire video and the only reason why I’m talking about it right now is because I left a comment and on a scale of 1 to 10 that was about a 6 in how much of an asshole that I was because I packed it mostly with facts and Brandon You’re such a real Dude that you immediately marked it as spam and in response to me You didn’t address the things that I said you just insulted me, which is fine I expected to be insulted because I was kind of a dick myself but you had you had nothing of value to say and then you said that you just make videos about your life your Subscribers can basically do whatever they want to do. Okay, whether you want to admit it or not You have a platform that’s public you have a responsibility And there are consequences to the things you do and say on that platform. All right, you might not know about it You might not even never hear about it But there could be kids that are looking up to you right now and do their first cycle then they have erectile dysfunction the rest of their lives and they can’t even get their dick hard when they’re 21 years old cuz that’s the Reality, you will never hear about the bad things that happen Maybe when someone dies like Rich Piana you guys will finally hear about the super terrible side effects that can happen when you take steroids, but There is no right way like young guys I talk to him all the time at trade shows. They ask about steroids They’re like well, if you do it, right doesn’t that mean you’re gonna be okay? There’s no way of knowing the right way to do it Yeah, there’s like the right way in terms of like how much you take it all of that But you’re never gonna know how your body reacts to it until you do it and that is a huge risk And that’s why I preach staying natural now do I care whether or not someone is on gear or not? No, I don’t care It’s your decision You can do whatever you want to do but I don’t think you should make videos and talk about it and make it seem like Such a cool and easy thing to do with yeah, maybe you feel kind of like crap but look at all this muscle I’m building because that’s the message that you’re sending Brandon. You’re sending your community the message That’s okay to do what you do Even though you’re telling them not to and I think that’s pathetic and it’s bullshit And I honestly I don’t think you deserve any of the accolades that you’re getting because what you’re really doing You’re not being real you’re just prying on the hopes and dreams of this generation that wants things quick and They can see you and how fast you got it and that’s what they want too. That wraps up Today’s episode of INSTA-GAHHHBAGE and remember if you want to be featured in a future episode Shoot me a DM ScottHermanFitness. And if you want a shout-out make sure you let me know in that DM. Alright guys Videos like this this series is gonna continue because there is a lot of a garbage to shift through out there and the faster we shift through it we could recycle it and we can take a look at things that maybe aren’t so bad and then we can take a look at things that are terrible and Hopefully be more well informed and not make any decisions based off that terrible information Hope you guys have a great day Smash that like button and as always more good stuff coming soon If you guys want to check out previous episodes of INSTA-GAHHHBAGE click this link over here And for those of you who need a new workout plan All you gotta do is click the link below Download my app and you can try any of my muscle building or fat loss program for seven days free with code MS7. I’ll see you there