[Music] Hello, this is Lewis J. with University Communications. And I’m super thrilled today because I’m giving
you a close look at the Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness. Now there’s been much talk about this new
place and I’m excited because we’re finally going to see what all of the hype is about. Let’s go inside. Hey man, how are you doing? Hey Catie, how are you doing? Hey Lewis, nice to see you. Nice to see you
So of course I couldn’t explore this beautiful three-story building alone, so I have Catie
here with me, from the Department of Recreation & Wellness, to give us all the details about
this new spot. Hi, my name is Catie Payne, and I’m one of
the facility supervisors here at the Kaplan Center. Our soft opening for the facility was on Aug.
1, and this place is 216,000 square feet. To put it in perspective, that is two-and-a-half
times our old facility. So, let’s go check it out. Let’s go. [Music] So, we’re here at the Kaplan Center’s new rock climbing wall. It sits at 54 feet. So Catie, 54 feet, that’s pretty intimidating
for a new climber. So, how would an inexperienced climber like
myself tackle something so large? There all different types of routes you can
try. Our highest height is going to be 54 feet and the lowest
one is going to be 35 feet. Wow, and so what are some different tricks
of the trade, if you just wanted to begin climbing? Well, our awesome staff has gone through and
they have actually labeled different routes. There’s the beginning, there’s intermediate
and advanced, so all different types of skill levels are able to come and enjoy the climbing
wall. Great, I’ll make sure I take beginner. So, this rock climbing wall looks pretty real. I heard it actually replicates a real life
mountain. So tell me a little bit about that. Yes, of course. So the company that actually constructed the
wall, out in Colorado actually took inspiration from Pilot Mountain State Park in North Carolina,
where our Outdoor Adventure group actually goes and they climb there. So that’s where our rock climbing wall really
came from. Wow. [Music] So right now we’re in the upper fitness area of the Kaplan Center. Catie, I see that it’s larger than our last
rec center. Is there any new equipment that you would
like to show us in here? We definitely have a bunch of new pieces,
like our Jacobs Ladder right here. It is a self-powered cardio machine. So when you strap yourself in, the higher
you climb, the faster you’ll go. And then if you want to slow down, you go
closer toward the bottom. So you’re really powering this machine yourself. Wow. Catie, it sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have to try it for myself. You definitely should. Let’s go. [Music] [Sounds of people playing basketball] So Catie, I know a lot of students who are the “world’s greatest basketball players.” So, what does this three-court multipurpose
gym have to offer for them? Well, for our three-court gym, it’s going
to stay mostly recreational, so all the basketball players can have their space. But if needed, we can also lower the divider
and add volleyball. But a fun fact is the Kaplan Center actually
has seven basketball courts, so plenty of space for everybody. Our multi-activity court can also do basketball,
but we’re going to mainly keep that for indoor floor hockey, indoor soccer, any other indoor
activities that you can think of. And downstairs on our two-court gym, we also
have basketball, but that will be mainly for competitive sports and our special events
that we’ll hold here. Wow, so I believe this place is going to get
a lot of use. So, all you up-and-coming LeBron James, I
need you out here on the court. [Music] [MUSIC]
So guys, right now we’re at the Natatorium with Catie. So, I’ve heard a lot of great things about
it. So I heard it’s like a swimmer’s dream. And there’s a lap and leisure pool? Can you explain a little bit about that? Of course. So, our lap pool is 25 yards by 25 meters,
and you can come in and you can just swim and get your laps in. And then the leisure pool is for when you
want to come in, hang out with your friends. And also we can offer swim classes later in
the year when we get more up and running. But it’s going to be a great space to come
in and just hang out with your friends. Wow, that sounds like anyone’s dream. [Music] So you guys, I’m super excited because guess where I’m at? The Box, with Scott Barbee. So Scott, I heard there’s a new feature coming
to the Kaplan Center, so tell us about what to expect when coming to The Box? Well, The Box is an up-and-coming CrossFit
affiliate. So when coming to The Box, what should I expect? Oh, you can expect a little bit of everything. The whole idea is to be prepared for the unknowable. You may have to come in and lift heavy one
day. You may have to go out and run a long distance
in that same day. They may be on separate days. So you’re never really prepared for what you’re
going to do in here. Wow, sounds fun. So Scott, if you don’t mind, can you show
us a little bit of CrossFit-inspired methods? Sure, some CrossFit-inspired methods. [Talking in background] This is where you’ll start to notice, guys, you’re touching on many facets of fitness
right now. You have to be coordinated in this movement… You need to work on power, strenth. If you do these 10 repetitions and take a
short rest and I make you do 10 repetitions after that very short rest interval… All this is part of those multiple facets
of fitness that are going to make you a much better person. [Music] So Catie, I’ve had so much fun touring the entire Kaplan Center with you. Is there anything else you would like us to
know about this new space? Well, for our fall students, we will open
Aug. 19 at 12 p.m. And for you guys who are looking forward to
our exercise classes, Aug. 15 is when our schedule will be released on our website. So check out recwell.uncg.edu. Make sure you check it out. Now Catie, I think I actually need to use
the entire center myself, so let’s go. Let’s go! [Music]