Hello Friends.This is Weight Loss Part 4 Video Today we will see about My Diet Chart You would have seen lot of Diet Chart Videos on Youtube You would have followed for 10 days Then would have felt tired and stopped it in between This Diet Chart is not like that. This is a very common Diet Chart which can be followed by anyone. If u Follow this Diet Chart on a regular Basis You can definitely reduce your weight. Lets see about the Diet Chart A lot of People Ask this Question to me “We eat properly and diet but still cant reduce our weight” The main reason behind is because we dont follow proper timings in our diet. Many People eat very late your breakfast and dinner You finish all your work and then sit down for Breakfast around 10 or 11 am Likewise you eat dinner also late due to office or house work Since you dont eat on time your weight increases rapidly. Its important to eat on time. Suppose you dont eat breakfast on time Your insulin level increases rapidly When u start eating late you tend to eat more. Instead if u eat on time you will eat in control. Similarly late dinners decreases our digestion and increases weight. If u sleep immediately after dinner that also increase ur weight. So eating early breakfast and dinner is helpful for weight loss. Only if u follow this timing this Diet chart will help you for weight loss Lets start the Diet Chart Drink Warm water early morning If u drink this warm water it cleanses ur body completely and improves digestion. Many people ask me can i take lemon juice in the morning Drinking Lemon juice in empty stomach is not advisable Doctors say it might cause ulcer due to the acid present in the lemon juice It might react to our body when drinking in empty stomach So it might cause ulcer If we do this for a prolonged period of time it might affect our body. So it is best to drink just warm water in the morning. Warm water cleanses our body All the bad fats dissolve and gets out in stool So warm water helps in weight loss Lets see what breakfast we can eat You can definitely eat ur usual foods. Eat idli/Dosa but eat in control You can eat upto 3 idlis /2 Dosas If your are not able to reduce by eating this change to Fruits diet. Eating fruits is a very healthy breakfast You can chose to eat 2 or 3 days in a week Your weight definitely reduce when u eat fruits. Or if u can eat only idli/dosa eat in control Some people hunger will settle only when they eat 4 idlis. I will tell u a trick for those people Pour the amount of 3 idlis batter as 4 idlis, pour half half in the plate. When u eat those 4 idlis you will feel the content feeling. But u have eaten only in control Also include Small grains in ur breakfast. Like Ragi, Millets , Barley You can make Ragi Dosa, Ragi semiya. Make small alterations in ur breakfast. Most importantly eat Seasonal fruits Many people think Avocado from America only helps in weight loss There is nothing like that. Eat the fruits grown around you, which is in season. If u eat these fruits itself you can reduce your weight easily. Fruits included here can be eaten. Include cucumber in this list Cucumber is rich in water content. It helps to flush the unwanted waste from your body, If ur overweight due to lot of water content , cucumber is very useful for u. Eat a healthy breakfast like this within 8 or 9 am If u eat later than that, u will eat more and put on weight. Next is Lunch Lunch is essential to keep our body energy You are working or not eat a proper lunch You can eat Rice or Chappati for lunch When u eat rice , eat in control As i said in my previous video eat in a small plate Keep limited rice and lot of veggies Dont eat only rice include lot of vegetables. Eating only veggies is also not that effective Combine rice/chappati and vegetables for a healthy meal You can even add a tsp of ghee Ghee is a good fat. It helps in dissolving bad fats. When we eat all these things only our body metabolism works fine and helps in weight loss. Drink Butter milk as ur mid morning snack Skip curd rice in ur lunch and drink butter milk instead. Butter milk has a good bacteria to improve digestion and help weight loss You dont have to drink butter milk with lunch. Drink between breakfast and lunch You might feel hungry that time. So practice drinking butter milk that time. So when u eat a proper diet breakfast , mid morning snack and lunch u will not feel hungry. Lets see what we can eat in evening. Many people ask this doubt to me Can I sleep after lunch ? You can definitely sleep for sometime But dont sleep immediately after lunch Take a 1 hour break in between and then go for a nap Nap should be between 20 to 30 minutes. This is called Power nap. This is useful for digestion. Your body is also relaxed that time This Nap also avoids unwanted eating of snacks that time. Many people munch snacks around 3 pm or drink tea to avoid sleep. Instead if u sleep that time you can avoid eating these unwanted snacks. Your mind will also become fresh. So u can avoid eating snacks by taking a short nap. Lets see what we can eat in evening. Evening is the main time which increases our weight Its because that is the time we feel hungry and reach for snacks. You will try to eat chips,samosa , biscuit and other snacks To avoid all these thoughts try eating Channa in the evening. Channa is a very healthy snack You can soak a cup of channa in the morning itself before leaving to work. You can pressure cook the soaked channa in the evening and eat immediately. So doing this we avoid eating unwanted snacks in the evening You are avoiding Oil, Sugar and Maida by eating boiled channa There are so many benefits in eating Channa in the evening everyday. For Navrathiri we make different kind of channa sundal in our home. Practice that habit everyday. Give to ur kids too, it will be a very healthy snack. The other time of the day we make mistake is eating late dinner. Make the habit of eating between 7:30-8:00 pm. You can achieve weight loss only be eating early dinners. How early u eat ur dinner that much effective it is for weight loss. You can eat Chappati/ Idli/ You can even eat rice for dinner, but eat a moderate quantity. Chappati too if u eat 4 or 5 its of no use in dieting, So whatever u eat eat it in control Like 2 Chappati /3 idlis /2 Dosa likewise u can eat in control After that dont eat anything except water. You can brush after dinner to control hunger. Then sleep by 9 or 10 pm. Your day will be complete. You have avoided all the unwanted snacks in this diet. In My Diet there is no Tea/Coffee, Snacks,Sugar, Sweets, Chips, Biscuit. If u avoid all these only you can achieve weight loss from this diet chart. There is one more important thing i want to include in this diet. So Friends the important thing is include Walking in ur daily routine. Morning or Evening walk a minimum of 20 minutes. Only if u follow walking u can achieve Weight loss. Friends I hope this weight loss Diet Chart was useful to you. I will meet u in next video I will tell u tips for belly fat reduction i next video. Subscribe my Youtube Channel to watch more useful videos. Bye Friends!!