This is Pavas Mehra we are present here
today at Pareto Securities’ 10th annual health care conference we have more than
40 companies presenting and about 300+ investors present here during the day
and with me right now I have the CEO of iÍndex Pharma Peter Zerhouni welcome Peter
thank you very much could you please tell us a little bit more about index
Pharma and what you’re working on yes so Index is a drug development company and
our foremost asset is called Cobitolimod and we’re developing it for moderate
to severe ulcerative colitis and we’re in a very exciting period here because
just last Tuesday we announced positive phase 2b data so it’s pretty exciting so
could you give us some context on what ulcerative colitis is just in short
ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease it’s a chronic
inflammation of the colon that leads to the typical symptoms of very frequent
blood and mucus mixed diarrhea so basically your colon
becomes like a big ulcer bleeding so it’s a very debilitating disease it’s
actually very difficult to live with and we’ve discussed this earlier so this
is a disease typical to more the Western countries is that correct and
what do you think is the background to that so this disease is most prevalent
in the Western world but it’s growing in the developing world I mean we see
Eastern Europe we see China really growing fast while in the Western world
it has kind of plateaued it used to grow here as well but the last couple of
years it has plateaued why is that we see other autoimmune or immune-mediated
diseases are also more common here so something in our lives is it that we
have it so clean or we eat differently or it’s very much related to GDP growth
so that’s interesting so if you look a
little more formal out of an investor perspective are there any specific
events that the investors should be on the lookout for you mentioned that you
had some phase 2b results recently are there any other things on the agenda yes oh we just received the
top-line results from this phase 2b study so we now need to deep dive into
the full data set which will be available in a couple of weeks I think
and then we need to go to the regulators and discuss what a phase three program
would look like and we have said from a strategic point of view our next step is
to really prepare this for Phase three so we’re advancing towards Phase three
and we have a long to-do list of meeting regulators manufacturing study drug
etc and with this plan we could have the first patient in second
half of next year in a phase three program in parallel we are evaluating
what the best approach to commercialization
would be so we want to keep the control of our own destiny so we’re
designing a program tentative program that we could handle as Index but of
course we’re also talking to potential partners. So for the commercialization phase maybe together with an other international pharma company?
Yeah, we’ll see. Thank you very much for the great introduction and thank you for
being here today and we’re looking forward to following Index ahead thank
you. Thank you very much