I’m Rachel Cosgrove. I own Results Fitness and Results Fitness University. We’ve had Results Fitness open for 17 years and in that time we’ve been named one of Men’s Health magazine’s Top 10 Gyms three years in a row. And we’ve also been named one of the top gyms in Women’s Health magazine. My husband and I both work with coaches from around the world and our mission is to change the way fitness is done. So when we first opened our gym, my husband and I used to do calipers. You know what we were always looking for a tool the hard part was it was hard to find something accurate. Now as we were looking we came across InBody and our team fell in love with it because it was such an easy way for our clients to be able to see what their body’s made up of and be able to see that you know there are it’s not about the weight, it’s not about what the number on the scale says. So one of the main challenges we run at Results Fitness is our Transformation Challenge. So it’s totally based on the InBody. We give away money, we give away a trip. It’s a team event. So for us, it’s a membership drive. Every team has one non-member and so basically our members have to bring a non-member in to join their team in order to participate in the challenge. It’s based on points. If they drop fat and they gain muscle, the team that together you know ends up with the most points they end up winning. Basically, it’s always fun. Our clients get all into it they bring in non-member so it becomes a great you know non-member drive but then also we use the InBody to have because it has to be accurate like you know because people get super competitive. I would say that the InBody is a game changer. Basically if you are just using a scale to show your client’s results and if you if part of your philosophy is to adding muscle as part of your you know part of their health and fitness which I think at this point everyone in the health and fitness profession can agree that you know we want to get muscles a good thing and we do want to gain muscle and you don’t have a way of showing it to them and all you do is have them stand on a scale then they’re not going to ever see the benefits of what you’re providing for them. What we’ve seen is people have dropped they dropped two sizes on the scale on average which you would think it would be like 10 to 15 pounds on the scale. On average we’re seeing about a four pound weight loss and some people don’t even lose any weight. The problem is you know that women especially if they join our gym and they’re just looking at the scale then they’re not going to see the results that they’re used to seeing and so having an InBody is a game changer. It will change your business it will change your conversations it will you know give you that tool to you know really everything that all of us have tried to teach our clients and as much as we can tell them now you have it you know you have it in black and white and you can say look this is happening, things are working and you know your body is you know getting fitter, healthier and you’re achieving your goals. and so it’s definitely a game changer for your business.