Hello, I’m Kyle Brayer, and your next in-home
tricep workout will be the chair dip. The chair dip is the most basic of tricep movements.
It’s used a lot in the military and it’s great to isolate the tricep. We’re going to use
a kitchen chair like you can find at home. Karie’s going to take a seat on the chair
for a starting position. For the easy variation, Karie’s going to rotate her palms so they’re
facing away from her body. So she’s going to…on the front side of the chair she’ll
scoot her hips out and she’s going to put her heels out in front of her. So as her heels
go out, she’s going to drop her weight, keeping her back as close to the chair as possible,
and then back up. Ideally she wants to come down until her arms are about a 90 degree
angle, so down and then back up. If you have any shoulder or joint pain you can variate
that as needed, so you can come down just a little bit and then back up, but she’s keeping
her torso very straight. If Karie were to bring her legs in a little closer and do the
same movement, it’ll actually make it easier on her. So down and up, and go ahead and take
a seat back here, Karie. To make this movement more advanced, if you have another kitchen
chair or a bench that you can put your feet on, it’s going to take all of your weight
and center it across the two chairs, which will actually make this movement more advanced
and a little heavier. So she’ll rest her heels on the chair and then she’s going to do the
exact same thing keeping her body as close to this chair as possible. She’ll dip down
and back up. Let’s do 2 more repetitions, Karie. Down and up. A little bit slower, down
and up, and go ahead and rest. Perfect. That is the chair dip.