Hi! Do you want to play like a professional pianist with precision and agility? One of the secrets is that you must play with understanding. Now, take a look at this study. You start with the five finger position on C, with an ascending pattern, and descending pattern. Next, move to D. Next, move to E. Move to F, move to G, move to A, move to B, then lastly, end with the high C position. You may refer to the chord chart (at the back of your Piano Gym book) to check the position. C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. Next, play with different articulations to make your music sound more interesting. You may play with loud tone – remember to raise your knuckle really high, strong. And you may play it soft, and play with active fingers, but with lower knuckle action. First, let’s try to play with a loud tone. [Focus on] very good control from your knuckle-work. Now, let’s try with soft. Then loud again: Then soft! Music becomes more interesting using loud and soft sound, isn’t it? Remember to give a tick once you’re satisfied with your performance. Forte; Piano. Have fun and enjoy your practice! *owl hoots* No more long hours of boring finger drill exercises, but just a carefully planned 10 minutes each day. How much more fun and effective your practice will be if you just try this book! Still not convinced? It’s okay! Get your free worksheet first and see the improvement for yourself. Here is a practice video for you. Are you ready? Let’s go!