improve your eyesight detox the liver to improve your vision I fight here co-founder of the pure vision method and author of pure cleanse and detox for your eyes now if you want to improve your eyesight and you ignore you live in today's world you'd be hard-pressed with commercial agriculture and all the processed food around you must address your liver the question is how it is cleansing your liver improve your eyesight so let's back up for a second in Chinese medicine meridians connect all our organ systems meridians are energy pathways that distribute the energies throughout your body the livers energy pathway ends in your eyes and the life force energy that is destined for your eyes has to go to the liver and if the liver is overloaded and it's working too hard it uses too much energy than it should and less of that juice of life gets to the eyes this concept exists in all holistic healing and all Eastern medicine these followed philosophies view the body holistically meaning they're treating the parts of the body in synergy rather than isolation our eyes are not isolated from the rest of your body they're part of it so as stated before if the livers too toxic then all the life force than your eyes should receive will be used up by the liver and never reach your eyes and sadly in today's world every livers toxic the liver is the organ that filters out all the environmental toxins we have to deal with and they come in to your bodies to water food and Silvia I won't get too much into the details on all the environmental toxins here that's a whole book just know they're more than 10,000 synthetic chemicals used in food processing today and all of these end up in the liver so if you truly want to improve your eyesight you have to free up your liver then the energy can flow through to your eyes and without proper lifeforce energy your eyesight will get worse over time you have to find a healthy way to cleanse your liver it needs to be one that doesn't strain the liver too much which most of the over-the-counter solutions unfortunately – preferably cleanse while you allies your body as well instead of acidifying and relieving your kidneys of their load – because if you kipnis are too toxic your liver takes on the kidneys load as well and there you see how this all is connected so you have to improve the imbalances to improve your eyesight as you can see your bodies are delicate finely tuned machines and if you want to improve your eyesight naturally you have to respect this delicate system you need to approach you need an approach that also cleanses the liver and kidneys gently and effectively so to get a better grasp on how you can prove your eyesight naturally click the link below this video and go to our website download your FREE vision improvement toolkit you have nothing to lose except the bucketload of toxins and your glasses and that's not so bad considering you get more energy vitality lifeforce energy in return now to really understand how to improve your eyesight naturally I'd like to invite you to check out the free videos that come with that too because they explain the concept in them so go to a website click the link below get the free toolkit for yourself read through it and also leave us a comment below rate this video and help us to spread the word because this information needs to get out there too many people start wearing glasses on too many people are prescribed glasses kids at too young age and glasses and contacts are not the solution really holistically approaching the vision problems that's a solution because a vision problems an indication that something goes wrong in your life in your health so go help spread us the word share this video leave us a comment either thumbs up and go and read your FREE vision improvement toolkit thanks for watching have a nice day