Imagine Fitness is a beautiful place to
be. It’s a supportive culture and somewhere where anyone of any age can
feel comfortable to try their best to be healthy. Everyone feels welcome here. There’s a
variety of ages and skill levels and there’s the attention to us from our
instructors that you don’t get in a larger facility. Imagine offers such a
variety of classes: spinning, circuit classes yoga, pilates, for all levels. The
people not only who work here but the members are loving and caring and have
become not only a community but a family I love teaching here. The group classes
are so much fun because their varying ages and fitness levels. During our group
classes I make sure that I educate everyone and see how that will carry
them into their future fitness. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gym that’s
this well-maintained, from the equipment to the locker rooms to the floor.
It is completely clean and that’s unique at a gym. The students have grown over
the past couple years in their balance and their strength, in their spiritual
development also. So it’s been a true joy for me to be able to watch them do that Imagine has made a tremendous difference
in my well-being and my physical abilities my mental abilities and I feel
like it’s the best place for me.