– Greetings Pokefans! Michael here, and something that many Poketubers have
talked about over the years is what their gym would be like, if they were a gym leader. What their team would be,
where the gym would be, what the puzzle
would be and more. But I have never done that
myself, that is, until today. In this video, I will
be going over my ideas for if I had a gym
and was a gym leader, in the Pokemon world, but I’ll
actually be doing it twice. First I’ll be going over if I
had a gym in the Galar region, where I’m limited to types
that are not already taken and then I will be going
over if I had a gym anywhere with no limitations whatsoever. So don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel, and let’s get started
with my Galar region gym, where I would be an
electric-type gym leader. This choice was pretty easy. Electric is not taken and
it’s my favorite type. This is my character
design for myself as an electric-type
Galar gym leader. I’m wearing my signature hat
but with different colors and all my Pokemon are in Quick
Balls, my favorite Pokeball. I’m of course sporting
the electric uniform, but with plain black
leggings instead of the regular one
with purple sparkles, simply because I thought the
sparkles were a bit much. My eyes are yellow
because they fit well with the electric typing
and let’s be honest, they make me look anime. And my uniform number is 99. The significance
of the number 99 is that it was my jersey number
in middle school football but also it’s the jersey
number for JJ Watt, who is my favorite
professional sports player. Also it’s just a cool number. As for how my gym
battles would work, I’d want them to be
just like Raihan’s, where they’re double battles. In my play through of Sword, I tried to make all
my gym battles fair, where I only used the
same amount of Pokemon as the gym leader, played
on the set battle style and didn’t use healing items. Raihan’s battle was the
closest of all of them with it ending 1v1. Also, ignore my
Corviknight there, it’s the fifth
Pokemon I sent in, ’cause I had to and
it was in my party and I intentionally
didn’t attack with it, it didn’t participate. That battle, being
a double battle is the reason it was such
a close, epic battle. I’d simply think that double
battles are straight up, more fun than single battles. There’s less switching. There’s more strategy about
when you should protect, when you should attack
and who you should attack, when you attack. There’s also all sorts of
really cool interactions, between ally Pokemon,
how their abilities work and some abilities only
work in double battles. And I just think it’s
way more interesting. Because of my love
for double battles, I’d want my gym to host them. They’d be 4v4 double battles,
just like Raihan’s gym and also like Raihan’s battle, I would use an
environment strategy. But instead of Sandstorm, I
would use Electric Terrain, activated by my Electric
Surge Pincurchin. My first Pokemon,
Pincurchin’s main role is to, as I said, set Electric Terrain, thus powering up the
electric moves of my team. After that it just
starts smacking the
challenger’s Pokemon with physical moves like
Zing Zap, Poison Jab and Liquidation for coverage
against ground types. I might give it Protect
for its fourth move, but also might give it an
entry hazard like Spikes. By the way I should mention
that these move sets, I’m giving for these
Pokemon are assumes that I am one of the last,
if not the last gym leader. So I have the most
move set options. I’m doing that, ’cause I
didn’t wanna limit myself. My other lead Pokemon
would be Lanturn. Lanturn has always been
a Pokemon I’ve thought was really well-designed, but I’ve never had
a chance to use it. That is, until my electric gym. Its main role is to
be a strong counter for opposing Ground types,
which the challenger is sure to bring, since it’s the only
type strong against electric. Lanturn would have Volt
Absorb as its ability because it’s a double
battle situation, where I can have the
partners attack it with the Electric
moves to heal it. It wouldn’t happen very
often, I would assume with Pincurchin ’cause
Pincurchin would have to attack Lanturn instead
of the enemy Pokemon, but the other two Pokemon, I would give Discharge because
they’re special attackers so Discharge works on them and then they can
hit the enemy Pokemon and heal Lanturn
at the same time. Lanturn would run Thunderbolt
and Scald for Stab attacks. Ice Beam to cover grass types and then either Protect
or maybe Whirlpool to trap enemy Pokemon. My next team member is Vikavolt. While Vikavolt’s
Levitate prevents it, from getting the benefits
of Electric Terrain, I just thought it
wouldn’t be right for me to not have my second
favorite Pokemon of all time, on my gym team for
a type that it is. I have to include Vikavolt. Plus, while Levitate
doesn’t make it get boosted by the Electric Terrain,
it helps it not get hurt by earthquakes. Vikavolt would run Discharge
as I mentioned earlier for when it’s next to Lanturn. Thunderbolt for when it’s
not, Bug Buzz and Sticky Web to help my whole team
with their speed issue, because Pincurchin, Vikavolt and Lanturn are all
on the slower side. It doesn’t have any
coverage for opposing Rock or Fire types, which
are its weaknesses, but the idea is that
Lanturn and Pincurchin, handle those with their
Water type coverage. Now you may be
thinking it’s strange that none of my Pokemon
so far have Thunder Wave. After all, the majority of
electric type gym battles, throughout all of
Pokemon’s history, have at least one Pokemon
with Thunder Wave, ’cause Paralysis is the
Electric type thing. However, while I do not
have Thunder Wave on any of my Pokemon, I
do have another way that I intend to spread
status conditions. And that is with my ace
Pokemon, Gigantamax Toxtricity. Toxtricity is one of my
favorite Gen 8 Pokemon, and its Gigantamax form is
my favorite of all of them. It’s the perfect Pokemon to
have as my ace for a Galar gym, and it works perfectly
since no other gym leader or any in-game trainer
at all uses one. Its special move G-Max
Stun Shock either poisons or paralyzes both enemy Pokemon, so that is how I’ll spread
status conditions everywhere. As for its moves to use once
it’s returned to normal, I’d run Discharge
as I mentioned, Overdrive for when I don’t
need to heal Lanturn, Sludge Bomb and Hyper Voice so I don’t hurt my ally
Pokemon with Boomburst. It would be Amped form
because I like that form more, and its ability would be Punk
Rock to power up Overdrive and Hyper Voice for when
I’m not Gigantamaxed. Toxtricity is just
such a cool Pokemon that’s really
popular, so I’m kind of surprised it didn’t
end up as the ace Pokemon for any of the Galar
big-name trainers. My gym would fix that. Now for the gym itself. The location, I’m flexible on. The only two towns in
the entire Galar region that don’t already have a
stadium are the first two towns and they wouldn’t really
have room for one. So instead, let’s assume that
I’m a minor league leader that gets strong
enough to replace one of the main eight gyms, so
if I had to pick a stadium to swap out with, I
would pick Turffield’s. While the surrounding rural
atmosphere doesn’t fit much with electric type, it’s
just such a pretty place that I think would be pretty
cool to spend a lot of my time. Plus the likely Gigantamax
Toxtricity on the hill, would be quite poetic,
since I would use one too. For the gym puzzle,
I picture something that has to do with like
memorization and EDM music. So there’s several
colored lights that play a note sequence
that you have to memorize, then you walk around and step
on certain colored buttons that correspond to the notes
to make the same little melody. If you do so successfully, it
plays a short little EDM riff with that melody that you just
put in as the main melody, but there’d be other
things added to it, to make it more just
a couple of notes. If you get it wrong, you
have to fight a trainer, but once you beat them, it’s
still plays the little riff, ’cause you know, that’s fun. Also if you’re worried about
a music puzzle being difficult for those who are hard
of hearing to solve, like I said, there would be
colored lights and buttons, so you can solve the puzzle
totally visually as well. The last thing I need to cover is what my team would look
like in the Champion’s Cup, as all gym leaders can come
back and compete in that with a full teams of six. Well, unfortunately,
like Raihan, I would be forced into
single battles instead of double battles, I still
think I could still hold my own. While my base team of four
would remain the same, the Pokemon I’d add would
be Dracozolt and Boltund. Dracozolt is the faster
of the two zolt fossils and is therefore more
likely to do big damage with Bolt Beak. And Boltund is
great-looking Pokemon that would give my team
some much needed speed. For the single battle aspect, I think I would probably
lead with Pincurchin to set Electric
Terrain immediately. And then, right away
just Self-Destruct, so it can get a Pokemon
that is better suited for sweeping, even faster. So that concludes my idea
if I had a Galar gym, but now for my second
me as a gym leader idea, where I have no
restrictions on location or team or anything like that. So if I’d to pick anywhere
in the Pokemon world, I would pick the Hoenn region. After all, it is my home region. The location would
be Fortree City, which has being my favorite
city in the Hoenn region, ever since I was a kid. I know Winona already
has a gym there, but as I said, no restrictions. We’ll just pretend she
died in a flying accident. (explosion) Okay never mind that’s horrible. She moved up to be an Elite
Four Member after Drake retired. Are you happy now? Fortree City which
is my favorite city because it’s literally
a city of tree houses, an aesthetic I
have always loved. Whether it’s Fortree or
Ewok’s towns on Endor or the Freedom Fighter’s
base in Avatar, if you have a village
where it’s all tree houses, I’m going to like it. Being surrounded by greenery
while also being so high up and connected to
it, is beautiful. That’s why I would make
my gym a grass type gym. First off, it’s my second
favorite type behind electric and we just did the
whole electric thing, but also because it would
fit so well with Fortree because you’re so
connected to nature there. I’m honestly surprised
Fortree’s gym wasn’t a grass type
gym from the start. Hoenn already had a water
and a fire type gym, why not complete the triangle. Also another reason I’d want
to be a grass type gym leader is that Ramos’s gym from X and Y is my favorite gym interior
in any Pokemon game. It is beautiful and so
cool to climb to the top of this massive tower,
while leaves fall all around and you find this cute
office space up at the top, that’s like his little lab. That’s awesome. This is my design for me as the Fortree City
grass type gym leader. The rope and
Go-Goggles are there because of what this
version of me mainly does, in his spare time, work on
the tree houses and ladders of both Fortree itself
and the Fortree gym. The rope is of course used
for lashing wood together and the goggles are
there to shield my eyes, when flying around on
the back of my Tropius, which assists me with
working on the tree houses that are much higher
up in the trees and therefore
harder to climb to. The style of leaf on my shirt is a nod to a
Tropius’s leaf wings. I like to think that
a big change that
gym-leader-me brought to Fortree is the
implementation of elevators. As of right now, Fortree
just has ladders, which doesn’t really
work well for people, who are not able-bodied,
so I like to think that he implemented,
like platforms of wood with rope going over
and a pulley system, using counterweights, you know. Like, engineering! My gym would make use
of these elevators and I picture it like Byron’s
gym in the Sinnoh region, but with wooden
rope-lifted platforms, moving around instead
of metal floating ones. Challengers would have to
navigate through this maze of wooden platforms
and elevators that are attached
between the trees and it looks really cool, until eventually
reaching me at the top, on the big wooden platform
battlefield I have built, in the tippy-top
canopy of the trees, far above the houses in Fortree. That may seem dangerous
if the challenger brings, like a super heavy
Pokemon, but don’t worry, engineering, it is
structurally sound. And also when I say high above, I just mean like the elevation, they’re not directly
above the houses. My team would of course depend, on which number gym leader I am, but if I had the honor of
being the final gym leader and got to have a
full team of six, this is what my
team would would be. First is Tropius, as
I already mentioned. It’s out of its Pokeball most
of the time since as I said, it’s my main method
of transport, between all the different
levels of the tree houses. It’s not my strongest Pokemon, but it can hold
its own for sure, especially when the opponent
can’t fly to keep up with it. Next is Breloom, a Pokemon
I’ve always really liked and one of the best
designed Pokemon out there. Its stretchy-arm punches are
a force to be reckoned with. Then is Whimsicott, a
great support Pokemon that I like to use
to set up Tailwind for the other
members of my team. Then is Ludicolo, my main
answer to challengers who plan to defeat me with Fire types. Since it can learn both
Rain Dance and Sunny Day, I can choose which
weather helps me more, depending on whether
the challenger is leaning more on
Fire types or not. Next is Sawsbuck,
a very cool Pokemon that ends up being in its
summer form most of the year, due to the tropical climate
of the Hoenn region. And finally is Mega Sceptile, my first starter Pokemon I got
when starting out my journey, back in Littleroot Town. It’s my most powerful
Pokemon by a sizable margin and it has ended many a
battle with one strike. I only activate its mega
form against the strongest of challengers, as
its sheer power, risks damaging the
surrounding infrastructure. I considered using
Torterra and Decidueye, but in the end I decided, my team should really
only have one starter. Also, if I had to limit
my team selection, to Pokemon that are
in the Hoenn Pokedex, then I would swap out
Whimsicott and Sawsbuck for Shiftry and Roserade. Roserade is in the ORAS Pokedex. I also like Cacturne but
because it’s a cactus, I didn’t think it
would fit really well, in the tropical
forest type area. So I didn’t pick it. My gym badge would be… Honestly I do not care. I’ve never really
cared that much, about the particular
emblem, so we’ll just… It looks like a tree. It’s the tree
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