– Ideas are gold. The more ideas you have, the better because you
can use that as a resource to put that into your business. I’m always thinking of things. Ideas are always coming in. Now, what you may probably
notice, I notice this, you probably have noticed that when you have an idea, it
will slip away quickly, like a little dust
ball or something, so it’s really key
to have a system where when ideas come to
you, you write them down. It’s also nice because
when you do that, you’re brain dumping so you’re not having
to hold onto them, and when you do that,
you’re not wasting energy, when you’re holding
onto ideas essentially, you’re wasting energy, so I personally like to use
Evernote, which is an app. It’s on my phone,
it’s on my computer, it’s everywhere and they’re
all synced together. Google Docs can also work. And whenever you have an
idea, you write it down. Now, this can be related to
blog posts or video series’ or things you want
to just talk about, it’s good to continually
bring ideas forward and generating these ideas
on the spot is difficult so if you constantly
get in the habit of thinking about ideas, you can write them down and then later you
can refer back to them and use that as material
for your business. So, I like Evernote and
also I use Google Docs. What do you guys use? Do you have any habits
to write things down? Is this something
you like to do? I’d be really curious to hear. Please comment below and I will talk to
you really soon. Bye.