We are offering programs here based on integrative
therapies, integrative therapies means: treatments that include conventional programs but we
are focusing more on the natural aspect of healing. We take the body for granted, we think that
our bodies should be in very good shape and we even think we truly truly if anything goes
wrong we go to the doctor and the doctor is going to fix it because he knows how;, well,
they don’t know how. There are some people who are investigating
new things, new alternatives, new medications, new medicines and new ways to treat illnesses. I have done a lot of research and IBC offers
hyperthermia one of the main reasons I came here was to
build my immune system the secondary reason I came here was to jeopardize any cancer that
is in my body. Over the years I met people in the dinning
room and I say: “what are you here for? you look great ! Oh well I had advanced prostate
cancer, or advanced lung cancer 8 years ago, ten years ago I was given up on. Because I trust these people so much and they
cured me I am here every year, every other year for a boost it’s like a booster or a
tune-up, they call it a tune-up. Our philosophy is to work around programs
that do no harm to the patient’s body so we are gonna offer always a program that is gonna
be tailored according to the patient’s need because we always feel that we don’t have
two patients alike. We are using the chelation, the ozone therapy
we change the diet. I always tell people I have a very simple
rule which is my hundred year rule; if the food you are about to eat was available a
hundred years ago, go ahead, if it’s not think twice about it. If you have to read the label, well think
about it you shouldn’t have to read it, many times I take an apple or an orange and I tell
people: “here, tell me how many calories, how many fats, how much cholesterol and they
say it does not say anything, well then….eat it ! There was one patient that couldn’t move and
after doing the treatment I don’t know if it was some weeks later he was able to move
his hands. I need to see the patient and treat the patient
as an individual not as a disease that is the key for success with each patient to see
them as an individual. That is one of the big things that I really
appreciate about BioCare, my family stays with me in my room, they eat with me there
is no charges the get the same respect that I do and courtesy so family is extremely important
and also the fact that we get the opportunity to talk with other patients: ” hey what is
working for you? what happened to you?; we learn from one another,
we share insights and I like the ability to interact with other patients and the safety
and security of my family.