I used to be very active in my younger
years, played a lot of sport and really enjoyed it. But unfortunately over the
last 15 years I really haven’t undertaken any physical
activity at all, which has led to the inevitable consequences and I felt it
was time to do something about that. As I saw it there were two choices. I could
undertake activity on my own, and that would have caused difficulties in terms
of enthusiasm, commitment, and really knowing what I needed to do. Or I could
join a gym. That in itself held scary consequences
for me. They seemed to me to be hostile places full of really fit people making
me feel that I’d be out of place. All of the concerns I had one by one are being
dispelled by my experience at Holywell. I asked actually if I could work with
Barry because I met him during a work-related visit to the gym and was
impressed by his enthusiasm. The fact is he works me hard but then so he should,
that’s why I’m here for. But he does it in a manner which is very friendly but
also very professional. I’m Ian Williamson, Category Manager working
in the finance department.