I think I’ve actually broken my toe. Just standing up then Hi, I think I’ve broken my toe If I’m like on the edge of tears I continue Well, that was not the intro I was expecting but here we are Seriously I’m in so much pain! I’m gonna put a hat on so I feel less like golf So for those of you that haven’t watched my diet videos before I’m gonna kind of explain the layout of them So the first thing I do is explain whose diet it is and what the diet itself is Including the exercise that you have to do things like that after I’ve explained kind of what the diet is I will show you my beginning measurements kind of how my body looked at the beginning I don’t use weight because I just find that weight isn’t a very good indication of Size or how your body is doing or how healthy you are? So I use a measuring tape, so I will show you my before measurements then I will move into the Vlog for the three days that I was actually on the diet And I only ever do these diets for three days So they don’t massively impact my health after I’ve done the vlog footage for the three days I show you guys my after measurements And then I talk about you know any pros the diet has the cons most of the time its cons I’m not gonna lie to you most of the times it’s cons cuz these diets mainly are just disgracefully hard like and so yeah So far in this kpop diet series I’ve done IU’s diet I did Jimin’s diet and I’m now doing Wendy from Red Velvet’s diet Wendy from Red Velvet’s diet is kind of a combination of Her individual diet and the deadly Wheesung diet which is pretty intense I have to say that the deadly wheesung diet is actually a Lot easier than this diet because they a lot of chicken on that diet There’s a lot of protein you do have like some nutrition this diet is is the most intense diet I’ve ever done and I have to say I honestly everything I went through that other diets was nothing compared to this one Like I will never ever touch this diet again. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible Just about as horrible as the pain in my baby toe right now actually funny how that Tied together so the diet itself is a half a cup of rice in the morning for breakfast and then half an apple for dinner That’s it Just that the calories that that is so a cup of rice is 200 calories So we’ve got half that so you’re at 100 and then half an apple is 50 calories You’re literally in 150 calories a day, which isn’t even It’s not even fasting because fasting is 500 calories a day. It’s just straight malnutrition, but it’s not just the diet itself It’s also the exercise. So Wendy talks about having to run around the circle 40 times jumping 3000 rope There’s a lot of different exercises that you do and doing Like even one of those things is gonna burn off all of the calories that you’ve already eaten That’s not including your basal metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories. You need just to have basic bodily functions like breathing Digesting your basal metabolic rate, obviously. It depends on a lot of things like your age your sex (aka gender) your size like your height in general we’re looking at like 1,200 to 1,600 calories as a basa- basal metabolic rate and when you consider that this diet is only eating like 150 You’re not even covering your basic bodily functions It’s ridiculous. Okay So now I’m gonna hand you guys over to past Eleanor so that she can show you how miserable she was on this diet Good morning, it’s day 1. I’m tired already. I’ve been awake for a while now. Actually, it’s like 1:52 p.m. So I haven’t actually eaten the breakfast yet so it’s more like a lunch now, I guess but it’s not really cheating because um I’m still eating the same amount of food So I’m gonna go put my rice on now so that I can film it with The Breakfast Club Which is now being filmed at lunchtime, but whatever. I’m already kind of hungry, which is not good sign Considering I only get this and half an apple. So and the gym I put it fit the gym in today I’ve got quite a few bits today. I’ve got a lot of filming to do today. We’ve got to get myself together We’ve got to sort it out. We’ve got to *snap snap* Get going. My skin is still a mess. It’s healing but it’s it’s not doing great. So we’re gonna try and avoid makeup again today Located in my most recent vlog which by the way, you should go and watch let’s go make some rice How are you all doing? I’m knackered I’m so tired Just finished filming The Breakfast Club, which is gonna be up tomorrow Breakfast Club is every Saturday guys, by the way Just in case you didn’t know Kiss your name here. We talked about roughly 12% of what is going on on the internet over a nice breakfast So, you know if you fancy having your natter and by what’s going on in the YouTube world? head over to the Breakfast Club I’ll see you there. But yeah half a cup of rice isn’t actually a lot of rice I’m learning this, you know I’m gonna be very hungry. I think on this diet It’s just not enough food and going to the gym as well because obviously I’ve got to do the running in the circle the jumping rope Instead of running in a circle. I am just gonna roll the treadmill because it’s not exactly clear how big the circle is So I just figured I’d run on the treadmill for 10 minutes and that’ll probably cover it. I’m super excited for that Yeah, I’m probably gonna head to the gym around 6 o clock which is in an hour half my tummy is literally rumbling and I know the gum is gonna make me more hungry, but It keeps my mouth busy. That’s gonna be taking our context Don’t do it. I’ll probably take you guys to the gym when I go. So I’ll see you in like an hour and a half I’ve just come back from the gym. I am exceptionally sweaty I feel so gross I could have you walk my dog now because she’s looking kind of like she needs a walk This is rough man, like I feel really rough I genuinely don’t know how these K-pop people do it like very mind Their training every day like six to ten hours Dancing and what god knows what else and it’s like it’s just not it’s not healthy Like I feel like ass I’m hoping that it gets easier over the course of three days because obviously right now my body’s kind of like used to eating the amounts I was eating before so I’m kind of hoping that it’s the initial shock and once the initial shock is over like My body can do fine On this but we’ll get there. We’ll see I may pass out. I may not who knows who knows a half past eleven and I’m just now eating the other half of my Apple for Dinner, I feel so l I have really bad like acid reflux I feel really dizzy. Like really unwell, I’m not good. I’m probably gonna cheat later on like maybe make some porridge just something to like tide me over because this is literally the worst diet I’ve done I feel disgusting like genuinely on the edge of tears disgusting so Yay Good morning, final day this diet. I am so ready for it to be done. I woke up. I feel sick I feel like sick and Byerly. I have a cold as well, which I’m imagining is because my body’s feeling run down But I feel disgusting so we’re not happy right now I actually feel weirdly like bloated which seems really bizarre to me because like I haven’t eaten a lot of food So I’m just kind of like I’m wondering if I’m bloated because I haven’t eaten a lot of food Which doesn’t really make much sense to me, but we’re just gonna go with it I’m just ready for this final day. I think I’m going shopping today with my mom because I need to get some bits for Halloween Yay I’m going as a fallen angel. You’re welcome. You’re welcome for that. Yeah, I’m a gift to you Oh, yeah So I’m gonna do that and I’m just gonna go put my rice on and then I’m gonna eat my rice cuz I’m fucking hungry I used to like rice Not anymore So Basically, I go back from the gym. I have my half an apple It’s now like 11 o’clock. I Actually feel disgusting like I felt awful I Was at the gym for like an hour and I legitimately felt like I was gonna die. I I’m just having a glass of orange juice now because I just cannot function right now Cannot function. So I’m having some orange juice. I am never doing this diet again. This diet is disgusting It’s messed up it is so messed up. I can’t wait to be finished honest to god I’m just so not happy right now You have no idea how happy I am this morning to wake up and be able to go downstairs and not eat rice I’m so done with rice no more rice after all that done with rice now for like another year No rice, it’s ruined rice for me. This diet has it’s ruined rice and I will never forgive it for that I’m gonna do my measurements now before I walk the dog Only issue is is because I’ve been hitting the gym quite hard in the last few days I do have a pump on like my muscles are quite swollen So the results may not be as accurate as I’d hope they would because I did a lot of weights So everything’s a little bit swollen. So take these measurements with a pinch of salt I’ll probably find out within the next few days. Once the pump goes down a bit like what my size actually is, but Bear in mind, you know got a pump on for these measurements so may not be completely accurate But there’s not a lot I can do with that. So souls Obviously you can see my measurements went down significantly in three days And that’s even considering the fact that I did cheat a couple of times honestly I have quite a lot of muscle and I’m also quite tall. I’m 5 foot 9 which is like 174, 75 centimeters and I burn through calories quite fast because of my muscle despite the fact that I do have a really slow Metabolism, I could not maintain myself on this diet. I mean no one can maintain themselves on this diet because you know, it’s ridiculous It’s not even food. It’s not diet. It’s just stop nation But I couldn’t just sample this diet and not get seriously unwell The thing about this diet that really really got me was the fact that there’s literally no nutrition at all in any of this so white rice Has literally no nutritional value at all It’s just carbohydrates and yes carbs are really good because it’s slow burning energy. But white carbs are just like Eating like it’s not it’s not adding anything to your body. It’s not one of your five a day It’s not adding protein It’s just carbs and so it’s not really anything Substantial apples are really good at boosting your metabolism because they’re quite difficult for the body to break down but When you’ve got nothing to digest when you’re triggering your metabolism and your body to start digesting stuff what you get when there’s nothing to break down is loads of acid and that was what I was really struggling with this my body was trying to digest food that wasn’t there and so I had loads of like bile in my stomach which kept bubbling up and giving me really bad acid reflux indigestion It was awful. It was really really painful with IU’s diet. Yes Okay, it was mass restrictive still but you still had two of your five a day. You had a good source of protein You know, you had healthy fats, good carbohydrates You weren’t just eating empty calories that gave nothing to your body. That’s why I think this is the worst diet Yes, okay. I did lose a lot of weight in three days But at the end of the day, it’s not sustainable weight loss at all Because for starters you are slowing your metabolism down because it’s not being used trying to conserve its energy So when you do start eating regularly again You’re gonna find that you put weight on faster because your metabolism is kind of damaged. You’re gonna feel horrible You’re gonna be in a really bad mood because you’ve got no sugar in your blood You’re gonna really tired and cold as well, especially in winter, which is awful, you know being cold shout to be anemic I guess maybe the only plus of this diet is that it might be good for a detox if you just want to do it for like one day to flush out your body that might be able to help you and Be even so if you were on a detox, I would recommend, you know a fruit cleanse or a juice cleanse Maybe because you’re still getting a substantial amount of calories that are putting goodness back in rather than just putting nothing in I just I don’t understand this diet because then on top of that you’ve also got the exercise and you don’t really have the energy to like function as a regular human being let alone exercise anyway, and So that adds to your foul mood and your tiredness and I personally always promote making healthier Changes to your regular diet rather than going on a diet because I think that’s a much more sustainable It’s a much more healthy way to maintain your figure, which is what I do, you know I eat everything in in balance and I exercise fairly regularly when I’m not being lazy I do not understand how as a kpop idol when she’s exercising so much and training so much how she hasn’t passed out if Maintaining that figure comes at the detriment of your health. I don’t think it’s worth it. In fact No It’s not that I don’t think it just isn’t worth it because there are much healthier ways to maintain a smaller physique I do want to clarify this isn’t her everyday diet. This is a diet that she did for a comeback It was a really temporary thing. It’s not permanent She doesn’t eat like this all the time, but even so doing this for a short period of time it’s devastating for your health It’s so difficult to do anything on these diets I just hope that kind of we get towards this as a society this image of Healthy is it’s sexy, you know healthy is good healthy is wonderful and healthy comes in lots of different shapes and sizes It’s not a it’s not a particular weight. It’s not a particular aesthetic I’m just hoping that we can move towards that as as a world as a global society as always guys. Don’t do this diet I don’t recommend this diet. The reason I make these videos is to show you guys why they’re bad and healthier alternatives I don’t make these videos to promote the diet and its ability to Ruin your body. I make these diets to show the effect of them and to show you that yes whilst They are short term will give you a result that you probably will like Long term that won’t last and it will not do good things for your brain or your body Thank you so much for watching this video If you liked it, give it a cheeky little thumbs up. If you didn’t like it give it a thumbs down It’s a free world you do you boo and I now go to try and hobble to Birmingham with a broken foot What’s not- (whatever sound effect that was) I hit it on the floor As I was saying now gonna get to Birmingham with a with a broken toe so it’s gonna be fun I Byeeeee Do I take the shoe off is that gonna be better or worse? I don’t know what to do