Hi guys welcome back If u know anything about me & my channel, then, I LOST MY WEIGHT BY ONLY INDIAN HOME FOOD IT IS NUTRITION SCIENCE BASED DIET I tried it first time in life I believe trending diets are not sustainable But I have never tried keto on myself and I also did not have much prior knowledge about this diet But its a famous diet A lot of people try it & benefit out of it After discussions with keto.in group, and doing a lot of research on the topic followed Dr Eric Berg youtube channel & tried it on myself To see if my older pre-assumptions/opinions will be valid or not So, I will discuss everything here today Its a long video This diet is good for people who suffer from diabetes , obesity , whose weight is stuck people who lead a sedentary lifestyle & people who are heavy gymmers like me who want a gym ripped body A keto diet restricts ur carb intake in body Only 30-40 g/day of carbs allowed U need to count ur macros Since u limit ur carb intake, ur body reaches a metabolic stage called ketosis. In this stage, body burns fat to convert into energy rather than glucose(carbs) There is no fixed limit to the number of times one can eat like IF I am sharing my sample diet which I more or less tried to follow I had bulletproof coffee in morning Lunch – fish fillet & slice of cheese bowl of salad flax seeds, nuts Dinner – chicken breasts, eggs