If you are a returning subscriber Congratulations, because you just earned yourself ten points to your hogwarts house. If you’re not a returning subscriber, though Tell you what, comment down though I’ll cut you a deal you just you just scroll down from this video and there’s like a little Red box and you just it says subscribe on it, but you click it And it goes gray and it says subscribed. If you do that like right now I’ll, I’ll give you those ten points I’ll give you two seconds just to you know do that You done it, how about now Okay, cool Ok, So the last video I did like this was the IU kpop diet after I made that video a lot of people told me that they were really interested in the fact that I Had taken the time to kind of do the pros and the cons of the diet itself and to talk about why Short-term diets don’t work because that was something that other Creators who had done this diet Hadn’t really talked about much about the science behind why the diet doesn’t work, from the comments on that video a lot of people were very critical of me and said that doing videos about this diet kind of Endorses eating disorders, but the way that I see it people are always going to be interested and fascinated with extreme diets They just are it’s the unfortunately in society that we live in and whilst people are interested in that and people are obsessed with with diet culture Having videos like mine on the internet that say okay. Yeah this diet does this but and the but is the important part so people are always going to be searching for these diets and people always going to be wondering about what their favorite idols eat and their Favorite celebrities eat and making videos that talk about why those diets are in some ways, you know Okay They do their job But mostly harmful and destructive is a really good way to educate people on a healthier diet in terms of their everyday eating so I noticed another diet that was doing rounds on YouTube and decided that it was time that I Put back on my dieting cap. Now as a quick disclaimer. I don’t actually weigh myself I don’t think that weight is a very good way to judge how your body’s changing Because it doesn’t take into account bone density and it doesn’t take into account You know your muscle to fat ratio. Muscle is more dense than fat So it takes up less room but weighs the same so someone can be very slim and weigh the same as someone who isn’t particularly slim because they they just have very impacted muscle on them now because of this I use measurements and said so I use a measuring tape and That’s how I’m going to be doing my measurements for the start to show how my body has changed. Now this diet in its full Duration is 10 days long. I’m not going to do for 10 days because the damage it would do my body is quite extensive I’m only gonna do it for three the same as with my kpop IU diet If you’ve seen my other diet video you’ll know that I have quite a slim physique. I work out quite a lot I left quite a few weights and I do eat on average quite a balanced lifestyle I will link that video by the way in a card somewhere and I’ll also link in the description below in case you want to Check that out. For this video I put on brace pounds to kind of protect my body from the weight that was going to be lost So you’ll see that my physique is slightly curvier in this than it was in that one Um, which is fine because you know, the body’s changed all the time. That’s just the way up putting on weight losing weight Not something to stress about first things first. I’m just going to talk through what the diet was The diet is by kpop idol called Jimin who is from the k-pop group BTS which is bangtan sonyeondan. He said in an interview that he didn’t have a meal for ten days now the original Version of that was mistranslated into English and people thought he just didn’t eat really for ten days But he did have snacks and then on his tenth day had a proper meal now looking through other people’s kpop videos on this diet, no one really knows how many calories to eat and everyone was kind of guessing at snacks and things like that So I took the average of what other people were doing for this diet, and that’s what I based this on. So I Ate between 300 and 500 calories a day of various different snack foods From what I saw some people were happy eating ice cream Whereas others tried to stick to healthier foods like fruit and veg only now I did a mix of the two because I think that would be the most fair I also made an effort to go to the gym for at least one to two hours each day because obviously as a kpop idol Jimin does up to ten hours of rehearsals every day. So I tried to kind of incorporate that in the most practical way Obviously I work and I have other things to do I can’t be doing it for 10 hours but one to two hours each day I thought you know that will be enough to kind of get the effects So I’ll leave you to see the vlog footage of the three days and then I’ll kind of reconvene at the end to talk about The pros and cons and also how much my body changed enjoy Good morning it’s day 1 I’m You know I’m as excited as could be expected I’m not not vibing 100% I also need to go to the gym for two hours Buzzin absolute vibes, mate You know, I’m just gonna spend most of today relying on water to make me feel better Maybe I’ll have some toast at some point, that’d be good toast is a good one. I really don’t know why I’m doing this. Why am I doing this? I hate myself I’m feeling really really kind of rough, and I’ve still got like 200 calories left of the day in terms of snacks so I’m going to have a bowl of porridge because You know, it’s just like it’s the only thing that’s going to get me through at this point So my porridge is about 180 calories because I use almond milk so you Know I weighed it all out. It’s all properly done, but it’s a bit depressing So I’m gonna sit here eat my porridge watch some TV, then I’ll do like some ab exercises before I go to sleep I guess because I don’t really have a choice I’m struggling already. I’m enjoying every single mouthful of this Every single mouthful. I know you can’t really see me, but it’s 10:00 to 2:00 and I’m not really hungry, but the acid reflux is kind of Getting to me. Uh-huh. It’s just kind of like acidy in my tummy, which is not cute Okay, so I just woke up day 2 I I Don’t feel that hungry actually to be fair. I feel much better than I did last night I had a lot of acid last night. Um, so today I’m gonna walk my dog Come back have some tea go to the gym for an hour and then Work and then I’m gonna try and do like an hour of Dancing like just dance because that’s like a more cardio based exercise Obviously it’s closer to what BTS themselves do so I’m gonna try and fit that in but we’ll see hi Hello Okey-dokey Okay, so I’m just gonna do a little talk about what I ate yesterday in terms of like when I ate it, what I ate. Just to do a quick debrief while I’m drinking me tea So I didn’t eat anything till about three o’clock a 1/3 of a chocolate-chip muffin It was like a single chocolate chip and it says on the packet that they’re like 300 calories each. So I Put it into thirds and I eat one of the smaller thirds so around 80 calories. I then had two Chicken nuggets oven cooked chicken nuggets that my brother made at like nine o’clock, I think Nice and nutritious so that’s about a hundred calories. So I was on about 180 for the day and then obviously Like 11 o’clock. I had my small bowl of porridge Now we’ve established that I’ve had like 380 calories of the day or 350 Today so far. I’ve eaten two chocolate chips off of a different muffin because I’m one of those people And so I’ve still got my 300 pretty much left of the day I’m going to drink this tea. I’m going to go to the gym So I got back from the gym I went for like an hour I did a lot of cardio so I feel really bad like I’ve felt so rough like My arms started to feel like they were fallen off I had half a doughnut when I came in from the gym because I thought I was gonna pass out and three wine gums and I’ve also eaten Two mini like put together hamburgers and see if I have one here like these By the way how good are these things? Can we just appreciate these are literally some of the best sweets that you’ll ever have So with those sweets those two sweets and the half of the donut I have about a hundred calories left for the day Which means I’m gonna eat a banana now deliciousness, I Actually just kissed a banana. That’s a bit embarrassing. Isn’t it? Good morning. Wonderful humans. I just woke up and it is one o’clock I am nailing this. I think it’s because I’m like so tired Because I just don’t have any energy that I’m just sleeping for like my whole life. I’m gonna have a smoothie to wake up one of the innocent smoothies which is like 100 calories, but Gotta do what we got to do. And so it’s just a horrible diet. It really is. I hate it Tastes like toothpaste So obviously the main thing to talk about at the end of those three days is how much my body changed so I have my Measurements here. I rather foolishly didn’t Take a video of me doing my measurements initially that was just stupid, but I can read them for you. So my waist was 28 and a half inches my Hips were 34 inches and each of my thighs were 25 inches So by the end of the three days my waist was on 27 and a half inches Which was a 1 inch loss from my waist my hips were on a 33 and a half inches Which was a half an inch loss on my hips and my thighs were both on 24 and a quarter each Which was a quarter of an inch loss on each leg now, that’s obviously a lot of weight lost for three days. That is Not a healthy amount and it’s not a sustainable amount either So I’m gonna talk about some of the pros and cons of doing a diet like this obviously a pro Is that fasting culture? So eating 500 calories a day Does have some health benefits for your body giving your digestion system a rest and letting your body just have a break can boost your metabolism but in order for you to mainly benefit from these you have to be an adult as a child fasting for even a short period of time can Scare your body into being fearful of exerting energy into the things that you need to develop So for example your body might halt your growth because it would be scared to exhort that energy and Also, it will wreak havoc on your brain and your emotions So especially if you’re a teenager on top of all that teenage angst that we all have You’re gonna be feeling pretty rough and and and angry and sad which you just don’t need on top of all the stuff that goes On as a teenager. Anyway, obviously if your sex is female you are gonna be having issues with your periods your menstrual cycle It’s gonna take effect Especially if you’re young a short period of time will be enough for your body to decide that it can’t exert energy Into having a period which obviously you need because it’s just not healthy not to have them unless your body is on a Contraceptive that’s preventing your periods You should be having naturally periods and anything that’s showing your body doesn’t have enough energy to do that means it’s bad for you particularly if you fast for a long period of time the Effects on your body can be catastrophic and can really have issues with future reproduction and having children So as an adult, they might choose to do this fasting In order to help their body So a lot of people choose to fast two days a week 500 calories each day to give their body a rest to give it a breather and what they do is they kind of like 500 calories of predetermined healthy foods kinda like fruit and veg the Rest of the week. They eat regularly and that’s the problem is that this diet if you do it in its entirety is ten days of fasting now What happens at that point is the more hungry you get The more tired you get the more exhausted you get now when you get exhausted your brain Automatically craves sugar and it will give you a craving for whatever is You know whatever is available that will give you that quick hit and that’s only gonna get worse the longer it goes on see initially the Flexibility of this diet the fact that you can kind of choose your snacks for the day, you know You can eat a handful of crisps if you fancied them or you can have some chocolate seems like a good idea but actually it’s so much worse because like I said when you get to that kind of like frantic I really just need some sugar because your body is exhausted You’ll go for those really unhealthy foods The issue with that is that you’re undoing any of the potential benefits of giving your body a quick fasting could give you so Instead of giving your body a detox in the fast You’re just filling it with more rubbish is just a lower calorie to Mount which isn’t gonna help your body at all short-term or long-term so that is one of the main falls of the diet is that instead of Giving you any of the potential goodness from a short-term fast So for example, if you did the duck just for the three days, you’re likely to be so hungry and frantic You’re just gonna not be filling your body with the right stuff Not only are you under calories, but you’re also the calories you are getting are not good for your body And that’s very very difficult to get around with this diet. Also another issue Is that because this diet doesn’t encourage you to change your everyday eating behaviors as soon as you finish the diet You’re just going to go back to how you ate before and what’s going to happen Then is you’re going to put on all the weight that you lost and then some Because you’re going to be so in that mindset of tired and hungry trying to get over the damage that you did so you probably can end up weighing more or Being bigger than you were when you started if you’re looking for a really short term not long lasting weight loss solution because I don’t know you have a Wedding dress you need to fit into Although I don’t encourage It and there are much better ways To lose weight fast in terms of you can still get all your necessary food groups just in a much smaller calorie demand Which I recommend Doing a short fasting period of 2 days Could help you But if you’re looking for a long-term and sustainable weight loss solution this just isn’t it? Because you feel miserable. You feel really rough. You feel tired you feel exhausted and you’re not going to maintain that that smaller physique that you’ve probably Gained from doing the diet because you’ve not made any changes to your actual lifestyle So that’s really all I have to say about it in terms of its benefits and its cons obviously Like I said, I don’t encourage you to do a diet. I encourage you change your everyday diet and make changes to your lifestyle such as cutting out fizzy drinks Choosing a fruit maybe choosing carrots over crisps as opposed to Going on a diet, but I understand that people always have they want a quick solution Um, and unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to health Let me know what you think in the comments whether you would try a diet like this despite knowing the downsides Or if you’re now more interested in finding a healthier alternative Or if you were just curious about how crazy it was in the first place If you liked this video give it a cheeky little thumbs up. If you don’t like it, give it a thumbs down It’s a free world you do you boo and I will see you Next week. Bye I’m about to leave for Paris. Very excited not gonna lie If you want to see some cute pictures of Paris, you can follow me on my Twitter or my Instagram I’m gonna link them both down below in the description and I’ll also put them somewhere on screen. 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