hi everyone so in this video I’m finally doing the BTS G media that is very highly requested from you guys and actually I’m pretty nervous because midget Jimmy diet is like the most extreme one that I’ve known throughout the all the k-pop idols diet because he didn’t eat anything for ten days not to mention a week but Sunday’s I don’t think I can even do it for a week so I’m just going to try for three days first and the reason I wanted to try the biggest to be diet first because a lot of you guys asked me to do it and then second because it’s the 2nd January today and I’ve been eating a lot of sauce the past few days because of New Year’s Eves a new year and yeah because I just had barbecue and stuff and yeah I had a lot of cheese meals also so I think I should go on a diet now but and water fasting yeah I mean video gaming diet is basically like water fasting so I’m only allowed to drink water and I don’t think that I think it’s dangerous but at the same time I also you know with a lot of articles and research about water fasting and they said it can be healthy but not to do it for a long a long term like don’t do it for so long I think 3 days will be the longest that I can do that I can cope with because I think a week is just too long and too dangerous and yeah I will share with you guys the results after three days of me doing the BTS Jimin diet aka leave water fasting and the reason I also wanted to do this is because I just hit 30k subscribers so yeah I just wanted to do something a little bit more like highly requested from you guys and that’s like EDS diamond diet and I want to say thank you for the 30k subscribers for all of you who have subscribed to my channel and show so much love and support and also enthusiasm like online video I didn’t know that people like to watch my diet Plus this much I didn’t expect to be this big like until I hit 30k subscribers I never thought that it would be like this and you can also follow my Instagram to check out what I’m up to every day and what I most of the time on my cheat meal I post it online so sorry so yeah you guys can check it out on my Instagram so it’s 2 p.m. right now the 2nd of January and today will be my first day trying the PDS Kimmi diet also known as water fasting so yeah I don’t think I can show you guys much on this video because I will just be drinking water and yeah I’m just gonna show you guys how I spend my day doing this diet I think it’s very important to you know like just kill the time because if I don’t do anything to like waste my time I feel like I’ll be just so bored and when I get bored I so I’m just going to read it I don’t know how to pronounce this thing but it’s a pretty good book it’s actually very interesting it talks about history and how we humans are able to come this way like so far yeah it’s pretty interesting so just to share a little bit with you guys about what I ate for the past few days it’s pretty crazy because it’s the New Year’s Eve a new year and I ate a bunch of stuff like yeah I post it on my Instagram story so for people who followed my Instagram you won’t know what I ate I a restaurant with my family it’s it’s hard to avoid like celebration and you know we’re just spending time with your family at a restaurant like you must eat no matter what even if you’re on a diet it’s just and it’s New Year so yeah I let myself have delicious food and cheat meals so I ate at restaurant I ate a lot of path tree because I’m craving for bread you know I look hard so I eat a lot of bread and yeah and sweets and I drink a lot not alcohol but yeah let me show you guys so I drink this genuine green grape soju it only contains like 13% of as I’ve been eating a lot of treatments for the past few days because of New Year and I can avoid that because I went out with my family and it’s just awkward and not appropriate for you not to eat with your family like I’m on a diet and they will be like hello it’s New Years so yeah I ate a lot of food and it’s time for me to go on a diet so I think it will be pretty easy to do the BTS evening diet or on the first day because ya been eating a lot of foods for the past few days and I don’t I still don’t feel hungry yet yeah I think I can I don’t know I think I can do it on the first day but I’m not sure on the second and third day because I’ve never tried water fasting so it’s 9:40 1 p.m. right now and I’m not that hungry yet and I only drink like 1 liter of water today because I don’t really drink a lot of water usually like Islands just lazy to drink water because I’m lazy to go to the toilet and if I drink a lot of water then I will need to use the restroom very often and I only have time in my house the restroom is like at the second floor so whatever I need to go to the toilet I need to climb up and go down again and I’m just super lazy so I only drink one liter of water today but I think I will be drinking a lot more water tomorrow so that I will feel less hungry I don’t know if I’ll be very hungry tomorrow or not but I’m still pretty fine on the first day I don’t really feel that hungry Oh the earth generally and 10:00 in the morning it’s my second day it’s my second day and surprisingly I’m not feeling that hungry yet I don’t know maybe because it’s in the morning but I’m still so it’s 8:30 6:00 p.m. and I just want to make a quick update like it’s the second day and I’m ending my second day here I’ve drank a total of 2 liters of water for today I wasn’t starving yet but I’m feeling very weak like especially my legs when I’m climbing the stairs I know like I feel very weak and then I I become very lazy to move around because I don’t have energy to move around so yeah I don’t know if I can do it on the third day but I think I’m going to drink coffee or tea for tomorrow or not I will feel really really pleased it’s almost 10:00 in the morning right now and it’s my third day of water fasting aka the PDS gym into it and I’m feeling super super weak and my face is so pale as you can see I’m feeling so tired and and it’s just hard for me to in my body it seriously I became so lazy and we and it’s even hard for me to walk or just climb up the stairs and I have a very hard time getting to sleep last night because I was so hungry I don’t know how people get the water fasting for weeks and months like seriously two days is already very tough for me but I’m trying to go on until three days and yeah I think I’m going to drink a cup of tea there’s no sugar in the morning just so I have a little bit of energy instead of drinking water yeah see yes I think my hands are starting to shape a little bit like it’s not me shaking but it’s shaking on its own because I don’t know because hunger this is the worst every time but I knew it I knew it I can hold it for three days because I don’t know I got the feeling that I can do it for three days but up for three days are not going to be like a fake [Music] I really recommend this that for anyone up there wanted to lose weight there are so much other ways to lose weight but why won’t people the water fasting I think water fasting is great for a day but not for like two three days or even like yours week and months it’s just crazy and I hate the fact that I keep on getting hungry so I just keep on drinking water but then I need to go to the toilet so offer it so it’s almost 10 p.m. right now and it’s my third day of water fasting and I’m feeling very weak and tired after I lined the stairs I really wouldn’t recommend people to try the water fasting I think for one day it’s fine but for more than two days it’s really gonna ruin your health and I just showered I wash my hair and after I wash my hair seriously my hair fall out so much yeah because I think it’s because of the water passing but luckily I have to take care get a bunch of food tomorrow like the only thing I can think right now is I didn’t measure the amount of water I drank for today because I drink quite a lot because I felt very very hungry and whenever I feel very hungry I just chucked down a glass of water and I think the more water I’m training the more hungry I get at each time I went to the toilet took pains like my stomach is so empty and it keep on me grumbling every night I don’t think I can fell asleep tonight honestly let’s see first if I can fall asleep then I think I’m just gonna tweet my wee-wee my weight tonight and then see I can’t even speak properly I’m gonna weigh my weight tonight if I can’t fall asleep and just start eating like because I’m super hot so as you can see it’s like 308 in the morning it’s super early and that’s because I couldn’t sleep because I was so hungry so I’m just gonna eat some food right now and be myself right now because I can’t hold it anymore so after following the jae-min diet for three days I’m just gonna share some things with you guys but first of all I just want to say that please do not try this diet to be honest this was like the worst diet that I’ve ever tried after following the Jimmy died for two days like not eating anything just drinking liquor I my hands and my way started shaking like it was shaking that terribly but it was just like a gentle shake like whenever I hold my phone my my fingers will start shaking and whenever yeah whenever I just like even if I sit down I can’t feel like my legs are shaking a little bit because my whole body just felt very weak I also got like lightheaded and I get very easy especially when I lie down and I try to you know get up I will try to get up as slowly as I can because I feel very weak I felt very weak and I became so lazy to move like I the whole time during this diet but I just lie and see the whole time because I have no energy to even walk or just I even got lazy to talk like I was just playing my full lying down the whole time because my body don’t feel like nothing at all and I think the worst is that I got heart like seriously because I felt so so so hungry like I was starving I got a very hard time sleeping I cannot sleep and the reason that you shouldn’t do this diet is because after I did the water have seen for three days I started to clean a lot and I didn’t want to record myself eating because I was eating so fast and so much that I just don’t want to trigger anyone it’s what binge eating called and I just kept on eating and eating until I feel like fully satisfied and yeah it makes me it makes me actually it’s so much food compared to I was eating regularly and normally before and that’s the reason why you shouldn’t do this diet because when you feel very hungry to the point that you felt like you’re starving you will pinch a lot and you will eat a lot that you will eventually gain all the way back again so it’s like a waste of effort so there’s so much other diet methods up there that are healthier and more easier to follow up I don’t see a reason why people need to dip to do this kind of water fasting or diet this Jamie done during this diet I create for salty food so much maybe because I kept on drinking water and my body just lack of sodium I don’t know and yeah and then I got more obsessed with foods like all in my mind was only one thing food like I cannot focus on my daily activities anymore I don’t even have the time to think like hey what I what am I supposed to do today like I I didn’t get as productive as I was used to anymore like because all I was thinking was food and after the three days of Jimmy diet because I started to eat quite a lot of foods and I was like eating very quickly because I was very hungry and that causes me to have stomach ache so it’s very important to eat slowly and eat proper meal because I was eating a bunch of food at one time and eating it so fast that’s why I got some a and in digestion so the point in this video is to show you guys that it’s actually really pointless to try this Jimmy diet yes even though you are able to lose a lot of amount of weight in a short time but you’re gonna gain it all back anyway because if you I mean if you start eating normally you’re gonna gain it all back so it’s really a waste of effort so I hope after all the people who watch this video they will realize that yeah they shouldn’t have tried if they want to try this Jimmy diet because it’s really unhealthy and even Jimmy regretted doing this diet because you’d say it was very unhealthy so yeah so I think that’s all for today’s video I hope that you guys enjoyed my video and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also like this video and comment down below [Music]