today I'm going to spend one week without my phone you so I wanted to take my phone away from me to explore how phones have made life better and also whether it's made life worse in some cases I'm going to take a week off from using my phone and we'll see how it goes if you like this video hit the subscribe button I will get straight into it I am just setting an alarm right now and don't really know how because I lost the instructions but I guess we'll try that's the year and I will set an alarm for 7:00 a.m. at SLU hopefully this thing is loud enough that it wakes me up this is the second day of me not using my phone and productively I feel like I've got quite a lot done like I'm really getting into a flow of things one thing I noticed is I keep looking to my right or my right is very easy to eat my phone and I feel myself Oasis looking there and wanting to check something so consciously I'm really happy because I'm really getting into the flow of things start consciously there are two things that I keep catching myself like thinking one is what are my friends doing socially like am I missing anything are they organizing something that I don't know about and two is what is going on in the world on social media because a lot of the time because I create content I'm always looking for ideas can I challenge my audience in a way because their thinking is going in that direction I guess I could find that stuff all out on my laptop the thing is I don't know what it is about a phone it makes it so addictive I don't know what it is about phone that makes me feel that way and so attached to it in a way that a laptop just doesn't so yeah in that sense I guess I could easily get distracted on my laptop but the drive isn't there as much as if I have my phone because clearly I have access to the internet but I don't feel like I'm in a bubble I just don't feel like I'm as distracted as I would be if I had my phone so yeah that's I don't know what it is so I'm like 15 minutes early because I arranged to have a meeting at 1:00 p.m. and because I don't have my phone I was like let's meet at 1:00 p.m. outside this place so I'm waiting here by the phone it's alright I'm going to London all right I've got my contactless card so we're good and I haven't struggled too much but it makes me nervous because what if they're late boy I was like you don't drop me in London is not that easy so I could have been late [Applause] okay she's here now so I can not be awkward anymore so it's been a few days that I've been working without a phone and I have to say productivity wise it's been amazing because what I found is that usually I have my laptop then I have my phone next to me and all I do every need five to ten minutes is just to check my phone mindlessly I don't even know why I do it I just check it because it's better and I know that if a notification goes off hear me out if I'm wrong if it goes off and you you're like nah I'll just leave it in the back of your mind you know you know it's turning around and you feel like you have to check and that's me I will always have to check so not having my phone has been amazing in terms of not procrastinating and helps me be a lot more productive it actually means I've had loads more free time as well because the work that would usually take me six hours instead takes me four so and I have more free time which mario watched a few films and that's been amazing alright I've done my work I'm gonna head to the gym now usually my phone is my source of music but I don't have that today so we're just gonna have a silent workout see how it goes oh it's I believe no training in music I'm so used to having music Sonya is absolutely silent listener I didn't realize how much I granted but I make a lot of noise and I can't hear myself so very self-aware okay so I'm in London I've just had a meeting I'm having a meeting with Mario and someone else in a second I just need to find a phone booth to give him a call so I thought like my life he's changed because I'm carrying change with me which I never used to do and I always say Kyle getting better at knowing London like my sense of direction is quite good I know it doesn't look like I'm in anywhere recognizable but I feel like I've got the general gist of where I'm guys so I'm just gonna give him a call now meet up with him just stay where I am and he can just you know Google because he can saw you this phone and then we'll sort stuff out from there after say it's actually coracle using the foam bits again it's very easy to use them no one's using them I've seen a few weird things happen in them that I won't mention but yeah it's it's kind of weird it's kind of cool and I just called Mario I made sure to remember his number because I didn't know his number the only number I know is my mum's and my home number and my number that's it so I had to memorize Mario's number and I felt like there most say pause so I just call them on phone boots and it's kind of cool okay so actually been getting a few emails being like yo k what's happened so yeah I have it on my phone so I guess people might be worrying where I've been cuz I'm not play so doing it was kind of out of the blue so I'm gonna post quickly on Instagram I can't do that because I don't have my phone so I took a picture I'm gonna ask Mario to post it for me and then I'm not going to be able to reply to any of the comments which is really weird because I'm very easily just spending a lot of time replying and can't do that this time so I feel kind of bad I'm gonna have to put that in the caption somewhere and then yeah I'll just I'll just put that post up and probably take it down in the future just to let you guys know that I'm a-okay it's up in it yeah thank you I have all the power in my hands don't say anything mean wait you can't check that I wrote the cuffs net you want it no no please don't name name name day okay is that Thank You Bubba so the time is up I've done a week without using my phone honestly I kind of like myself a little bit more when I'm not using my phone I feel like I've noticed things more I speak to people more I have more like I have better connections with people I have time for people and and I'm not distracted and I don't procrastinate when I work so I also get things done like I've been trying to read this book quiet for the last six months and it just haven't been able to get through it I think because I just distracting myself all the time so I've actually managed to finish that in a week which is great from doing one extreme to the other I feel like I've developed like a healthy way of seeing how I can use my phone the best way I can and where I maximize the use of it so I'm still gonna stick to my wall we're right at 30 minutes before bed I don't use it 30 minutes after I wake up I don't use it and then during work so I'm gonna probably whenever I'm trying to edit something or work on the laptop have my phone away from me and just not get distracted because then I actually have more time to spend like quality time rather than spending five minutes looking at something then distracting myself having to refocus my brain onto the tasks that I was supposed to be doing getting redistricted and then the cycle just continue so it's definitely helped me find like a healthy process of how I can use my phone and but then I appreciate how good phones are in terms of ease of transport in London especially it's incredible apps are insane there are some insane apps that I use a lot at a time because they're just so helpful phones are amazing and they've helped us connect to people and they're really good in emergency situations so I'm not bashing phones at all and I think they really helps us advance but there are some instances where I think sometimes it holds me back so I think just for those cases I know I think now I can pinpoint where I need to use my phone or where I don't necessarily need my phone and I'm really glad that I did this week so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give me a big thumbs up please hit the subscribe button and I'll see you guys next time bye