hey everyone so I am beyond excited for today's video as you can see from the title we are talking all things celery juice and wow I have never seen such a craze about a juice ever in my life whether it's Instagram Facebook YouTube oh my god celery juice everywhere so of course I had to try it out for myself now before we get started and I don't want to take too much time doing this but I do think it's important to tell you guys why I even decided to try celery juicing for myself and the main reason is because it's supposed to help clean your gut clean your body help with your skin so without further ado let's just get right into well I got so excited there but let's just get right into celery juicing for 70 here's what happened okay so it's early morning I want to make my very first celery juice first thing you have to do is actually wash it very thoroughly and I know you can leave the leaves on there and like juice those as well but I heard that it's really bitter if you leave the leaves on so I'm not going to because I don't want it to be worse than it actually is going to be also I just want to say that this is not like a juice like this is not a meal replacement this is just like a morning booster slash gut cleanser slash gross drink slash I don't even know what ok celery is wash cut and ready to go and I also just quickly want to show you guys my juicer because I actually freaking love this thing it's from Amazon such a good juicer I don't know why this is that kind of dirty in there I promise you we washed it I don't know what that is it's probably dried fruits and veggies don't mind that but seriously other than that this thing is amazing and it works so so so well and we use it all the time ok I have you guys propped up in kitchen awkward way first little bunch going in oh you have to turn it off this is all the juice that I got from my one bunch of celery definitely not 16 ounces anyway I'm gonna just put it in this mason jar and then that's just be how much we actually got eight ounces so I really need to all right I'm gonna do another one more celery juice and now I think we've got 16 ounces here we go people we're gonna add the juice till I hit right there and boom all right moment of truth trying this out oh okay let's see our goes okay that really doesn't take help right that really doesn't taste as bad as I expected it to it tastes like said grass that's the only record describe it but it's not bad it's kind of got like a salty taste I mean it tastes like celery plus a little bit of salt so if this tastes like that's definitely celery but if this is bad right like I thought it would be way worse it's not unbearable it's just it tastes like liquid celery I don't mind the taste of cellars over me it's not really it tastes really good you guys it's not that bad all right guys so I've been doing some research and I did read online that you can drink anywhere from 4 to 16 ounces I definitely don't think I can drink the entire 16 ounces to be honest with you my stomach kind of like turning a little bit it could be because literally this is the first thing that I'm drinking on an empty stomach I haven't even had water I just like brush my teeth and just I'm drinking this but I don't think I can drink all of it because I do feel like I'm gonna actually vomit not because like the taste is bad just because like I said this is the only thing I'm drinking on it I'm taste something I don't know if I'm making sense all right here we go day two doesn't taste any better also doesn't taste any worse you know what's crazy is that after I had it yesterday I felt really nauseous crow while like I honestly felt like two hours after drinking the juice I was nauseous I don't know if it's just because it was my first time drinking straight-up celery juice I don't know if it's because I joined too much too little I don't know but I felt nauseous I'm hoping I don't feel like that today also I did have my breakfast yesterday like 30 minutes after having this celery juice which helped my stomach a lot so that's exactly what I'm gonna do today but anyway right now I'm kind of just having meat I'm reading my book I always have to read in the morning before I start my day anyone wondering I am reading the productivity project and it says accomplishing more by managing your time energy and attention or shape the order is not right but that's what it says I'm really liking this you guys I'm like halfway done with the book maybe a little bit less than halfway but it is such a good read and I'm applying like the challenges and the principles to my life and I feel like it's really helping me out so if you're looking to be more productive check out this book I'm gonna link it below okay day three here we are celery juice let's to it okay bye now I definitely feel like I'm getting so used to the taste that it doesn't even really bother me anymore but to be honest with you I literally don't feel any different I don't feel any different at all I'm gonna actually watch some videos today on how I should be feeling because I'm feeling exactly like I've always felt by the way in case you're wondering what i'm using i'm using this vitamin C serum that I'm testing out for an upcoming video it's from a new brand called sweet chef which I know it doesn't sound like a beauty brand but it is like uh I don't know if it's an all-natural Brian you know what let me not say that because I literally don't know much about the brand except that this is a more affordable skincare line I'm really liking it I really really am liking it another thing I want to talk to you guys about is that doing the whole juicing process in the morning like adds time to your morning I know that fix super obvious but to be honest I just think about that so if you are gonna do the juice cleanse give yourself like an extra 15 minutes in the morning because by the time you clean the celery cut the celery walk hair all that like actually juice it it takes about like ten minutes are cells all right people this is the update I feel like now I'm finally starting to feel some of its benefits the first three days I felt nothing like today I kind of woke up feeling like hmm I can actually understand and see some benefits so the first thing that I see very visibly is that I'm not bloated floating for me is such an issue like I feel everyday that I'm super bloated and I feel like with the celery juice it's helped with that in a weird way I do also want to quickly touch on like the bathroom situation to be honest with you oh my gosh this is TMI but I don't really have a problem in that area I thankfully so this doesn't affect me in any way but if you do have issues going to the bathroom I have read that this green juice miracle juice over here is supposed to help with that so just want to put that out there the second thing that I've noticed and this really shocked me is that I'm not been drinking coffee just so crazy and so not like me but I feel the energy so that's pretty cool totally caught me off guard orderly didn't expect that but yeah notice that as well so those are the few things that I've noticed so far I'm really liking how I'm feeling I'm gonna continue it I've gotten used to the taste my face will say it all see you guys member my first date the face I'm not making that same day day 5 okay this is about three bunches of celery because I'm actually gonna be increasing the amount of juice so we're gonna have so here we go let's see how much this will make I've been drinking now what 1 cup every day I'm now increasing it to a cup and a half and I'm actually gonna drink it with this straw here's mmm actually don't mind it with this shop oh you're just chugging it oh you just went for it oh boy it's gotta get it over with that bill the shop hasn't been consistent at all with his celery cleanse whereas I have been consistent out every day but you want to know so I'm doing it too right yeah I got some foam oh so today like I said I increase it to a cup and a half drinking it with a straw and I feel like I'm just so getting used to the taste that it doesn't bother me at all anymore but anyway I did want to tell you guys about how I'm feeling and I don't know if it's because I know the benefits that I'm like tricking myself into believing that it's happening to me or if it's actually happening but one of the things that I've noticed I no longer have the cravings that I used to I used to crave I mixed I've such a sweet tooth I used to crave chocolates and ice cream and sweets all the time and I feel like ever since I've been drinking the celery juice I don't have those cravings anymore the other thing is I do feel more energetic like I really really do but so far I'm really liking it I feel like I can definitely see myself keeping up with the celery juice even after the seven days okay so this morning I woke up pretty late and I didn't make it to the gym which I'm really disappointed about because I wanted to see like how my body would react with the celery juice so I didn't make it to the gym I will be going tomorrow I feel so like my stomach feels so flat like there's just no bloating whatsoever and normally when I wake up in the morning my stomach feels super bloated and looks very bloated whereas today not at all so I do think it's best because I haven't literally changed anything else in my diet anyway I don't even have anything more exciting to share with you guys about today my experience except that we have now increased the celery intake which is very exciting it is 6:26 in the morning still somewhat dark outside and I've got my celery all ready to go I actually cut it last night I just washed it and actually that's probably a really good idea to cut it and prep it the night before if you're gonna be getting up in the morning early because it just saves you a lot of time but literally the whole time I was stuck in the camera and it was even turned out that's how you know I'm still half asleep anyway I'm drinking the celery juice to be honest I really don't want to drink it right now because they literally just woke up at 6:00 a.m. anyway we're gonna just finish this while I use some of my morning time routine which is making the bed which is reading not yoga meditating and then I'm gonna also of course go work out my class is in like an hour so not even 45 minutes I'm gonna quickly just go ahead and chug the rest of this and I'll let you guys know how it affects my workout all right guys finished my workout feeling great and I just want to say before anything I'm not driving I'm chillin in my parking lot I'm just to kind of update you guys on how I felt during my workout I do want to say that I did not feel any different today I was really hoping that I would walk in and be like wow and to be honest with you I always actually feel like that whenever I walk into our city I could be so exhausted and then I go to class and instantly I'm pumped because of the music the energy the workouts like I feel like I have a lot of energy and today I don't feel like I felt anything different so I don't know maybe it takes a while for you to be drinking celery juice consistently for your body to be like you know feeling its benefits when it comes to working out but for me I didn't feel any great guys so that was my experience drinking celery juice first seven days now I guess the big question is will I keep up and the answer is yes I will keep up but not every day because as it's on the video it is a process by the celery watch the celery you know juice the celery cut it's too much for me Percy to commit to every single day and that's just me being 100% honest normally you guys know I like to drink warm water with lemon in it and I think I might alternate my days and do that some days and do celery juice other days just just still get some of its benefits but to be honest I don't think I can do it every day but if you can I do think that this is an amazing juice that actually works like the hyper ones is real so I do encourage you guys to try it out for yourself anyway thank you so much for watching this video I hope you guys liked it I know I loved filming it and I definitely want to do more experiments challenges like this because this was honestly so much fun so I mean if you guys want to see more health-related videos like this in the comments section below and I'll talk to you my next video bye