I just want my mom proud it always comes down to make my mom proud I mean I do it all for her like everything she’s done for me everything she sacrificed everything and I just want her know at the end of it that I love her a lot I just want her to be healthy and okay [Music] so earlier this year I discovered that my mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes there’s something that runs in our family on both sides and it has been a battle for her throughout our entire life you grow up seeing your parents as indestructible into the day that kind of news happens where it can negatively affect their lives and it was through hearing this news I realized I had to do something and than that I discovered fitness genes created by Dan Reardon fitness genes is a online platform where you use your DNA to essentially create a customized workout and diet plan and he’s worked with those multiple times in the past and had amazing results so I knew by meeting him and talking to him and having him help us with these next 30 days it was gonna create the proper system in place to achieve our goals me and my mom are going to be doing the fitness genes full-on DNA diet workout all that for 30 days straight going hard hyping each other up what should we expect so the first thing it’s got to happen is you’re going to receive your DNA test the first thing you’re gonna do is spit into the tube and then through a really interesting machine we can look at 680 1000 gene variations and from that we can start to build off this incredible beta yeah I mean what’s crazy about diabetes is I mean that they’re essentially there’s a couple of different ways you can become diabetic and actually people that have type 2 or non insulin-dependent diabetes there’s more and more evidence where it’s a condition that can potentially feel reversed number one it’s about understanding what type of diabetes it is but then number two it’s about understanding okay while the measures or what the things we can do to try and improve the reason that you’re diabetic in the first place well I want to thank you so much for coming pleasure I appreciate it I graduated for everything my mom’s currently in Vegas which is three hours away from me the tests came in the mail sooner than expected I was gonna mail these to her and do it over Skype but I think it might mean a little more to do this face to face so let’s go how long have you been dealing with diabetes and when did you get diagnosed well I’ve been dealing with diabetes as for as many years as old as you right I had gestational diabetes with every pregnancy that is had what is that a gestational diabetes is diabetes that you get when you’re pregnant and only when you’re pregnant so that sugar issues forever interesting and I’ve been borderline ever since so I’ve been borderline diabetic for many many years what is the doctors told you throughout this timeline like basically just live a healthy lifestyle right exercise but when you’re a mom with a big family the last thing you have is time for yourself all right what is like been your life now dealing with the medications in our house you know it’s been a struggle because you know the diet trying to figure out what are good foods and what are bad foods what I thought was a healthy food really wasn’t a healthy food and none of it seemed to work I just felt miserable it kept feeling worse medication didn’t help me at all you know I checked my fasting sugars they were really high I work a full-time job at work a lot of overtime I said this big family and then at the end of the day I’m so tired I just can’t get out to the gym and exercise me I just like beer and chicken wings so you know under them any kids or anything but now I’m curious what are your goals you know really honestly my number one goal is just to be healthy and to live a long life and be here for my family I don’t care about how I look I don’t really care about any of that I want a healthy heart I just want a healthy body I just want to be here to see my grandchildren one day so we’re gonna take the test right here fitness genes kit here we go all right I want to live a happy healthy life as well thing is like I was a sexy sexy snack in high school in college I want to have data thunder not only to keep myself healthy but to also something I could carry with me for my whole life I do be healthy of course but you know I want some abs and stuff I love you so much and it’s really all for you and I’m hoping we can inspire people along the way thank you for doing this journey with me because it means so much okay I love you Angie I love this but the plan is to lose this [Music] it’s the first day at the gym and I got to be honest I don’t know how to do anything for workouts so I’m getting my first meals and dishes prepared and no matter what I eat I don’t know if is on a diet list or not but this this is the Holy Grail so this is what meal prep looks like you got the sink we got the white fish they’ve got these potatoes I don’t think I’ve even ever had a sweet potato but here we are and we got the salmon accomplished so this was definitely a challenge today my husband decided to bring home dinner I’ve been working out a lot and don’t have time to cook dinner this is what he brings home for dinner I love KFC it’s one of my favorites but definitely not on the list of foods that I eat so I’m a little worried because this is the first week of this diet and I have my birthday party happening which is a Popeye’s and champagne pool party so I got to really get it this week where they workout this week so maybe I can have one piece of chicken day 5 it’s Friday and I think the biggest challenge right now for me is sleep I know Dan said that sea sleep quality was going to be critical and I’m really feeling it I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed my body was just super heavy and I’m probably not getting enough sleep but I have to work so I’m doing like an extra hour of work so I’m probably not getting to bed until maybe 11:30 and next week is gonna be worse than this week so I’m not sure I’m gonna make that happen but I’m gonna do my best I’ll keep it moving you got another workout today and tomorrow birthday is not until Sunday just gonna keep doing it do 5 and my body’s so sore just feel like the Tin Man so I’m here at the air B&B for my pool party and I brought all of my foods I’m ready and try my best not to eat that many pieces the chicken party is about to start I’m definitely afraid of the amount of chicken I’m gonna eat especially after the two hard workouts that I did I’m actually feeling a little better I did get some extra sleep today which was really good yesterday was a big challenge I had a really stressful day and confined my weights and I almost just gave up and didn’t work out but luckily my husband and my kids kind of pushed me they found my weights my daughter and for me today that she saw something that Eli had a cheat day already a cheat day really I have not had a cheat day I know we couldn’t have a cheat day can we have a cheat day Eli because if we can let me know because I would like a cheat day so I’m going to check in with my mom that’s good yeah but you haven’t that isn’t allowed technically so it’s day 13 and I definitely had some challenges trying to balance mom life and Fitness life together I did have a workout I needed to do today and it just wasn’t gonna fit in everything that I have to do is stuff to work a little bit today as well so I wasn’t sure what to do I was going to just skip it give myself a rest day you know what I made it work I found this CD workout hip hop abs so I did that this morning least I did something so wasn’t the workout on the fitness jeans plan but it was something I’m ready I look forward to my workout tomorrow this week I’m good I’m ready for it I’m ready to keep this going I’m traveling clean doing the homework out since I’m in New York City staying at a friend’s place and the spot is literally this big no excuses so luckily the New York offices lunch has tons of options that I could totally using eat you don’t go to New York hang out before ringing and I put her in a food I’m sorry mom I’m sorry mom I’m sorry way too doctor I am going to learn about more a little bit more about diabetes my current health state body mass index we like it less than 25 25 to 30 is overweight over 30 dis considered obese so we want to help you lose some weight to help prevent diabetes so you have no symptoms of diabetes but like we said you have three risk factors your family history is banning and the weight so I think if we can help we can’t change Aneta week three and finally back into my gym and I could never fit in the shirt this before I always felt bad always go out of shape seeing myself in the marriage to work out they never built I got the test results back from the blood work and I’m totally normal May one sees good or bad feels a little scary to like open that up and like do the test result thing but it’s going through the whole experience made me more aware of why this is important and why I should take care of myself [Music] an Italian restaurant noticing that everything is expensive and I don’t really want to eat salmon or anything healthy right now Italy doesn’t make sense to go out see if you’re on a diet it’s pretty pointless like you’re spending large sums of money on stuff you don’t really want to eat to begin with kinda stick with it and disappointingly eat 26 dollars in I think as we’re getting closer to the end I start thinking about all the times that I cheated or messed up ever and it’s like starting to really frustrate and frustrated not so much about having to work out or like doing the workouts or being on the diet but it’s more so just like did I do it now and I know I didn’t do enough I know there’s moments of pressure on my birthday and the traveling and everything else there were moments where I cheat I just want to see results for myself of course but also I don’t want to disappoint myself I don’t want to disappoint my mom [Music] you think because I’m getting closer to the end it’s it’s dawning on me all the times that like I don’t know when I enjoyed my birthday and I had a drink or the pool party or like everything else like knowing that I have a week to go like I don’t know I just don’t want to disappoint you I think I and I think that’s like the biggest thing that’s like kind of weighing I mean that’s like frustrates me I don’t know it’s hard to feel proud of myself right now so cuz I know you’ve been doing such a great job we shouldn’t feel that way I mean my whole life has been just this they knew our traveling I don’t know how you were even able to even do as much as you’ve been able to do when I don’t deliver perfectly it yeah it weighs on me I’m gonna do my best to make you proud I see you I did not think I would get this emotionally overwhelmed I just want my mom proud it always comes down to make my mom proud I mean I do it all for her like everything she’s done for me everything she sacrificed if I don’t know like have any results it just reflects on like a little I care about her or like how little I care about her health or I don’t know I just she’s just so important to me I’m so happy that she’s doing okay I’m so happy no matter what the doctor results are gonna be at the end of all this for her I didn’t happy to see that she’s making herself a priority and I just want her know at the end of it that I love her a lot my focus this week and I’m gonna be my best and I’m gonna be my best so I’m currently at my grandma’s house and I’m waiting for my mom to get here it’s gonna be the first time I’m seeing her IRL I’m excited to see the results and how she feels we can help each other we are on our way to the gym family trip healthy life let’s go my mom’s gonna hate this because she says that make up on we are here after 30 days of the fit jeans so the big reveal what are your results I got my a 1 C level and it was a 5.4 so which is normal that’s good yeah I started at like around a 7 so I brought it down to like a 5.4 yeah so I no longer have to take my injection like my weekly injection that’s crazy yeah and if I continue this I might even lower my metformin and I’ll get off my neck Wow that’s just so wild three weeks I know of that of that change I mean not just that though my cholesterol level went down like my cholesterol levels are normal to the diet that Dan prepared with the amount of fats and how he guided me into like the healthier fats that should be eating my body really responded to this yeah such a good way I thought I was gonna have to be the one that like coaches you through this whole experience and like really kind of like push you through it but really at the end of it you were really inspiring me although with all the complications in chaos of this month for me I actually ended up losing eight pounds yeah it overall I was just showing that like we can do it how good I’m really really good I think overall just I’m a happier person what was like the hardest thing about this experience the hardest thing I think was really putting myself first and okay I’m going to follow the plan I’m gonna do all the exercises which were like seven days a week yeah sticking to the diet preparing the meals but I did it and the kids supported me might as we supported me I’m cheap and I did every every routine and I’m so proud of you yeah I mean I think the biggest challenge for me it was just how busy this month was that no matter what happens this month I always bounced back and stuck with it like I did I never gave up things like I didn’t want to disappoint you and I didn’t expect to deal with the emotions that I dealt with through this process and I think it really shows just like how much I love and care about you you have to understand too that you were my inspiration as well so the reason why I was able to stick to my diet the reason why I was able to just continue with those workouts even when I didn’t want to is because I didn’t want to let me down like I wanted to do a good job for you so you really have to understand like what you did for me like this is such a blessing like I never thought that I would be able to stick to a diet and I just never thought I would be able to do I just have to thank you for this opportunity and for thinking about me I don’t think you’re ever going to understand the gifts that this was so I hope you know that of course now make me cry [Music] but alike