hey guys I got a awesome workout that all you need is just your dining table set you just need two chairs and a tape for every doing three exercises today dips leg raises and then we're a new table rolls so this way you can hit your chest hit your abs and hit your best and don't think just because you're using your dining table says that you're not going to get a good workout watch it's freaking awesome we're gonna do 20 sets of 30 seconds non-stop rest if you need to but the goal is just to keep on moving keep on move and do the best you can it's gotta get intense kids you got 26 10 minutes salsa you got my little timer you guys ready for this let's get Jack using our dining set a lot of sense here and this don't sound like a lot but would you know you're not not planning on resting this is all I knew right now all I do for my workouts right now things like this pull-ups twist up swap I'm not doing anything else handstand push-ups I'm here to show show people that you can get a phenomenal body just doing these basic moves just using random things now it doesn't mean you can't go to the gym but now you don't got a membership at OVH you've got the time everybody know me second round here I'm ready need a little break this is intense doing that dip that and that uh like radius denomination I no joke man [Applause] slow continuous movements [Applause] [Applause] put my feet down [Applause] – enough just my hands burn here's a trick [Applause] [Applause] you may need to use a towel my hands they're here Oh [Applause] this ain't no joke you gotta try this out pan [Applause] few more sets left barely hang on to that table I think expect this to be this tough these these chairs and because the bars there was the timer please next 30 seconds each man that's a really good workout ten minutes to that that's how long people spend just to get ready to go to the gym and everybody's got a dining table set now your chair is not sturdy enough buying something you know you can use corners of kitchens anything but try this out you know then just watch this man it'd be like yeah that looks tough I'm gonna sit on my foot do not throw my drive the gym before he drive the gym try this out because you know it takes you back out these ten minutes get ready and then how long takes to drive the gym and I'm saying about skipping the gym I'm just saying try this out and then you'll see what I mean thanks for watching this now hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you guys try it out and let me know comments below how did it feel how they do how your hands feel I feel like my forearms in my hand got a crazy workout oh man that's great see