the millionaire husband of a missing mom is running free less than 24 hours after his shocking release on bail out for a carefree morning jog you can see his court-ordered ankle bracelet but unanswered questions follow him wherever he goes even to the supermarket Otis what happened to Jennifer what were you doing in Hartford dumping off all that trash is there anything you would like to say to your children anything at all photos do Lowe's is the suspect in the disappearance of his 50 year-old estranged wife Jennifer mother of their five children police say they have evidence he dumped 30 trash bags of clothes stained in his wife's blood he was accompanied everywhere by a lawyer and driver nothing that you would want to say to your kids I mean they're waiting to hear from you fifty one-year-old Doulos had a busy first full day of freedom he returned to the County Jail to pick up some personal items he sat down with his team of lawyers he rented a new car and he met with his probation officer to go over the terms of his release then he returned home here to his 4.5 million dollar mansion on this private Drive in the wealthy neighborhood of Farmington Connecticut do you know where Jennifer is Doulos has pled not guilty to tampering with evidence so has his 44 year-old girlfriend Michelle truck CONUS the missing moms mother is reacting to doulos his release and released this new photo of her Jennifer's children are living in limbo missing her embrace her lilting laugh her bedtime back rubs more than anything in the world they long to know where their mother is you