hey Caroline today I want to take you through my Kurt arm hand or wrist workout video so if you're suffering from an arm wrist or hand injury these are exercises that you can do without placing any stress on your curved parts as always check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine when you're ready to get started bring your feet about hip distance apart you can place your arm feels best to you but I'd like you to start with a squat so bringing your hips down standing up squeezing your butt now for me I'm going to bring my hands in front of my chest today but about guaranteed your injury all or your arms that's playing can always have your hands here by your side or whatever feels best to you so I want you to just get your heart rate going with these BOTS and remember even though you have an arm a hand or wrist injury you can still be really creative on how you find time to exercise so don't stop moving just think outside the box and keep yourself healthy good so let's just do a few more of its watts lowering down breathing up and remember smiling burns more calories than frowning you're always better off going back around just two more and last one from here your feet together and take it backwards lunch so taking the legs down stepping up and switch now if you can you'll bring your arms up face a hand or wrist injury and with this lunge you've open up come together so here you're getting a nice chest stretch and also working the upper back of course if you have a shoulder injury this might not be the right choice for your arms so you can place your hands of your hips or whatever feels best for you on that lunge keep the belly tight and make sure the knee does not go past the toe good just a few more you should start to feel yourself sweat and your heart rate come up I'm so happy you're exercising and getting created just despite the fact you've got a little road bump good just two more and last one bring your feet into chair position lower your hips squeeze your glutes aren't in front and from here I just want you to take fly OPS's up so again is this irritate the Armagh tree I'm going to have you will chair here but if this is okay there's a finger wrist a hand and dream try to squeeze the shoulder blades together like you're pulling a pencil and holding it there between those shoulder blade has you retract the arms this is a great ones view to strengthen the upper back to open the shaft and I don't know about you but my thighs are on fire so you're getting that leg strength as well keep breathing think positive and remind yourself that you're still exercising despite imagery good let's just do four more three two and one stand up all the way and return up first exercising squat so coming down and up now I'd like you to add a little variation so you're going to squat down knee lifts now depending on your injury you can take the arms up in the sky and or twist towards the knee to your lifting so you're getting a little rotation a little bit of core work and let me tell you this feels really good if your arms don't feel great at fifth place taking like your head and keep that twist good your herpes came up now you should be sweating wherever you choose to have your arms make you feel amazing nice job this just feel pretty strong let's do four more three more two more last one bring the hands together take that alternating lunge open step together so I live in city of there's all sorts of emergencies that happen all the time but even when the sirens go off you keep going see with your arm your hand your wrist injury something happens in your life show us bone get to that lunch keep breathing let's just do four more two more last one feet together and chair and four tap it and take that whole open close so making sure here to your shoulders aren't stretched around your ears try to take those shoulders away from here we will shoulder blades together and tummies eat day good your breathing and feeling amazing stay with it nice and strong just four more three more two more getting a good workout today alright return to the starting position that squat last time so now take the squat you can stay with the first exercise the first squat you can repeat the squat knee lifts and the twist or if you feel like a little bit more today you can jump so old down jump jump now that has to be okay for injury so if it feels strong to you stay with it just a few more get the heart rate really up now three two and one make Shopper your feet together arms in front lots and with lunch so open touch notice how it was still so good on the chest sometimes when our upper body gets injured we start to get really tight so just like a move remember movements now it's the secret to feeling good when you move later next job breathing standing tall good posture just four more good two more last one feet together come to that chair coat tummy tight fly so what hop you chose to do it should go through hurry up quite a bit now I just want you to focus on squeezing that upper back finding those strong back muscles tummy level and buckle make sure you're breathing thinking positive moving with smooth strength three more two more and last one Tanna all weight and lie down onto your floor your mouth so be careful as you do this especially if you have some sort of injury try and get better from take your hand up by your side lift your hands lower your hips so really there's a lot you can do when you have wrist finger or shoulder or arm injury to keep your body moving remember too the length of the biggest muscle group in the body so keeping those strong will help you continue to haul throughout your cover and not any sort of Gangwon or fire or noise stop good you got four more two more and last one take your legs up into the air and you can do whatever is best with your arms right now you're going to send the legs bring them into the chest extend and it so here I'm finding my lower abs and I'm just giving myself a little practice and lift if you'd like you can take your hands under your hips for more lower back support but only in that's okay on your injury and does not place pressure or cause pain yes breathing four more three two more last one return that bridge this time lifting it up so I'm gonna play with the bridge just a little bit today and well how to do is lift one leg in there and keep bridging so you're doing we call single leg bridge lifting up and down good three more to switch backs so we've got seven then don't let this hurt your arm all the does stop come back to it later three two and one bring them leave the table walk again these the shoulders and crusts so you've noticed we're repeating some exercises today which you'll get stronger with with time so I try to do this exercise video two to three more time all the way through throughout your week to continued movement keep your stamina and your strength good last two and last one let's come to bridge one more time so let's it up and lifting down from here shoehorn the center take it up a little good one leg up you're just going to lower class down and now press those heels keep the glutes and hamstrings really strong just give me four more three more two and one switch sides lift the leg up and lower down and up this is feels good remember movement in medicine and can keep you mentally and physically healthy you out profits of recovery from injury let's do two more and last one take four basic double bridge hook up and breathing couple good lower down last time please come in and cut you should really feeling your core from this movement so stick with it I know how hard coverage from injury can be so proud of you for coming today and making time with this video for yourself it does get better I promise let's do three more two more and last one from here slowly bring yourself up to eight seated position and you're going to place your feet down four and lean that scoop your tummy in reach your arms if you can if not they're just down by your side and hold we're going to hang here for sixty Seconds leaning back as far as you feel comfortable find that challenge for me and also squeeze my thighs together engage the inner thigh open my shoulders and just coming up you've got 15 seconds in 45 to go figure out lifting up your belly button in and up pulling the rib cage together but sometimes when you're injured is actually hard to exercise because since you can't do everything you feel like you don't want to do anything so I am again really proud of you for coming today because if anything it counts and it will actually improve your mood and your ability to recover faster so say that we've got 15 million blacks strong tummy 10 seconds loud and no ambulance can stop you know good good lower all the way down bring your knees up and you're going to bite pull the legs now if it feels ok for whatever arm injury huh to take your hands behind your head or lift your shoulders off the floor and twist go over if not you really can do great back workout from this position pushing your belly button down lower back flat not good just breathe with me just bring it with me can have that twist it feels right and do not irritate your shoulder your arm or your wrist injury good keep breathing and like come all the way I can Center it from here just want to lower down open close reach it up even if you don't have an arm injury this exercise video is hard so it's great because you're still developing that strength that you need to feel good and strong in your life good keep breathing abs are tight four more shoulders back and down 302 plus one good from here bring those knees up excuse me feedback roll it up tummy ended up we're going to go up everything one more time the whole beat up pause so leave back everything type full one minute now if your hands boxers are tight you can extend your legs and hold here I like mixing it up sometimes open up one of my friends had a wrist injury another one of my friends is a pretty serious finger finger injury she sliced her finger open while cooking that was no good and then I have another friend was a shoulder injury from too much time on computer so remember movement really at medicine it can help you come back stronger you've got about 25 seconds to go I'm almost done today so you make time for this to run your recovery process I can almost guarantee you you feel better when you come back to whatever time so almost bare my house on fire 10 seconds left breathing thinking positive 5 4 3 2 lower all the way down bring those knees to take up up hands on your wrist bicycle or hands on the head thank you or lift the shoulders bicycle speaking of bicycles if you are having arm shoulder wrist or hand and dream bicycling and in recycling mostly in recycling can be really great freedom all emergency good for here and painting to eat of these down open flows and down open close these are hard pretty aqua especially if you hold down open closed lips pretty awesome let's just do four more and then we'll call it a net three sweating to our last one and looked all the way up bring your knees into chest rolls one by and slowly sit up so again I want to thank you so much for joining me and for taking the time for a little bit of exercise throughout the process of recovery from whatever arm shoulder hand or wrist injury you have leave your comment below and let me know if this helped you and I hope that you get better really really soon thank you so much for joining me make sure you subscribe and I'll see you online at Caroline jordan fitness calm