what's up everyone boxing physique here so I'm not sleeping right now I'm not eating right now I'm I don't know what am i doing I'm just a big fan of Manny Pacquiao if you're a big fan of Manny Pacquiao don't forget to smile just subscribe button the best the best stuff is here the best footage for you guys right here look at it look at it look at it – do it the more you watch my nipple girl the more you admire Manny Pacquiao you become just like him or you try to become just like him so he's a hunter this is what kind of crossed my mind when I watched his training he's a hunter he hunts Manny Pacquiao hunts he was seen these wild videos wild Ernie's videos on YouTube from Philippines where people hunt and when they build some kind of houses and stuff from nothing almost he is this person and everybody can become like him this is this is what I'm trying to tell you everybody especially from Philippines can become like him so if you're if you're a big fan of him just like I am click the subscribe button it's easy just click and you just you're invited just click and you're reminded to my channel so let's let's see what's up let's see what's up so excited man look at the biceps look at the definition is this man 40 are you Troy this is like before the fight versus like whoever he's so much in prime I swear to god he's so much in crime oh my god that's just insanity and the back is must look at the back view the back is freaking smashed oh my god how this man has so much energy can you explain to me how this guy how this boy I'm not even joking with you I'm not even kidding you I'm so excited about this fight due to the fact that this 40 year old man looks like a freakin 25 year old man he looks like his son-in his appearance I don't know what is it never ice I'm not even kidding right now never see him so sharp never see him so determined and also physically he's almost there but like in terms of performance in terms of how the punch goes it's super it's like Keith Thurman is I am Telling lift Herman's gonna lose that no kidding Keith Thurman is gonna lose that he shows his recent workout and Manny Pacquiao is smashing it right now Keith Thurman just starts Keith Thurman is at the beginning cause gist of his training and Manny Pacquiao just just destroys it so please tell me what do you think about it thank you for watching credits in the description catch you later guys please subscribe peace out