health plan advocate is an independent wellness vendor we specialize in tailoring programs to the needs and culture of our clients we’re in a situation today where we’re moving towards higher and higher co-pays and deductibles so the individual has a greater financial responsibility and stake in their health and what we’re there for is the Advocate is the guide to assist them in finding ways that they can minimize their costs but also and more importantly be healthy the biometric health screening is probably the most important piece of our wellness programs that’s the only way that we can identify what’s actually happening with the help of your employees that data is really what affects claims and typically we brought into a company because their claims are higher they want to reduce the cost of their facing so that biometric data we do a test right on site and the results are instant so employees know right away kind of what issues are facing and we take it a step further with the employer because we can actually look at their claims data and compare their claims data to what’s actually happening and show that these high-risk people are a direct correlation to your claims class so the company is not spending money they don’t have once we identify the risks we find that sixty percent of people who find out they have a highest she will do something about it so we’re preventing strokes for preventing heart attacks you know high cost medications that that would have happened and incurred on a health plan HPA works very closely with our insurance broker they both come in together and they meet with us and go over our findings and give us suggestions since we’ve started with HBA our high blood pressure and glucose have been cut in half so part of us being a vendor we really do everything for them and we can do all the scheduling we can do all of the marketing we can take care of employee communication for any other reports for them we really want to take that stuff off her plate they set up all the material that i sent out to the employees they make all the sign-up sheets for me they contact if i need outside resources they take care of all that for me the date of the screens they come in labor on everything I just need to unlock the door and they take it from there we have a health coaching service which i think is the most valuable because we can really meet an employee where they’re at really important to us and in success of our clients to have it built and designed especially for them that’s what makes us a little bit different we can make the wellness program especially for you because of the way we design our programs that we’re seeing a participation average rate of eighty percent which is double the national average so we’re really proud of that two alpha or wellness portal that has a ton of features on it including we’re taking the biometric health data we can actually predict within ten percent of what their costs are going to be in the next year which is really valuable especially 22 HR employees we also offer Lunch and Learn educational seminars on-site fitness classes challenges all that fun stuff that really makes a culture what it is and makes it fun and exciting if I’ve designed the program that will ultimately reduce those risks of employees they’re meeting their those are excited they’re more energetic they’re feeling better they’re not on medications anymore when you hear the stories and you hear the successes that people are having it really reminds you this is why I do what I do you