– [Narrator] Strength. Power. No Flex provides you with
a quick, easy workout that you can do in the
convenience of your own home. But it also offers you
something that you really want. Another place to toss your shit. With eight power rods, the
No Flex gym holds 310 pounds of resistance that you’ll never use. Because after, like, one or two uses, you’ll realize you hate working out. But those rods also
provide plenty of space for your wool sweaters to air dry. And the bench doubles as an ironing board. Or a step ladder. So you can change those light bulbs to better see your shitty apartment. Need an extra sofa for guests? The No Flex can seat
four to five comfortably. And it’s fun for the whole crew. Turn your place into a winter wonderland for the holidays by turning
it into a Christmas tree. With just five easy payments of 145.99, it even functions as a mail
tray for the pile of bills. Plus, it comes with the beer holder, which can also be used for water
if you ever work out again. Which we know you won’t. The No Flex even works as
a home security system. Use it as a barricade to
guard against intruders that you’re too weak to fight off. No Flex. Call now and we’ll throw in a
free set of exercise clothes you can wear as pajamas. – Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor. Click here to subscribe to the channel. Click here for more fun stuff. And cli– sorry, guys, it feels like I’m out. Am I out? Because I can see the top
of the camera, so it’s– is this better? Alright, it feels worse. Okay, thanks for watching.