– You don’t need to be
perfect to get results, but you need to be and do this. Let’s get to it. (upbeat electronic music) – Hey Fit Soul Bosses,
welcome back to our channel. I am Lori. – And I am Michelle and we’re the twins from purelytwins.com. – In today’s video, we are gonna be discussing
why being consistent is not the same as being perfect, especially when it comes down
to your health and fitness. – So first, what does it really mean, and what is the definition
of being consistent? Consistency is the state or condition of always happening or
behaving in the same way. – And then the definition of perfection, to get you guys
understanding the difference between the two, perfection is the condition or state or quality of
being free or as free as possible from all the flaws or defects. So what does this really mean? Obviously, from the perfection side of it, Michelle and I, you guys
hear our story that we came from the back end of perfection. We know a lot of you are dealing with that as well and
overcoming it as well. But perfection, again, is
when you literally are, your main goal is to not to have any flaws or make any mistakes. – Even afraid of failure, and I think a lot with these days, with social media, that’s
increased even more. Whether people will admit it or not, I still think, feel the pressure that they can’t show up or they feel like, oh well, I only did that, I
only did that for five minutes. Why even I bother? Why do I even bother trying? I can’t seem to stick with it. And we want to share some things, big thing that came to realization that we’ve just recently
we were reflecting back on that we wanna pass on to you. Is also really big key part thing in manifesting is that you need to be the person that is fit and healthy. And you might be thinking, what does that even mean? Well, we actually did
a whole monthly focus on this inside our membership
is that helping you just discover the characteristics and qualities of your future self. Who is all that, who has
all of the things you want, that has got the clear skin, the great fit body. So you need to start asking yourself, what are the stories
you’re saying about fitness and health in relation to you. What you do believe is
possible for yourself? What values and things
that you are committed to that maybe you’re actually
not being fully committed to? You’re saying something and
that’s also dealt with a lot of, Lori, you just recently came to realize a lot of self-trust issues. Right, you actually don’t even trust in yourself to stick to things. You’re not fully committed
as you say you are. So, bringing this up as well is because you guys also know my
journey just recently, I wasn’t working out for a while. Reflecting back on our past, you know, we weren’t
as I guess, looked as, looked as we were being consistent with our exercise and
our self-care routine as much as we were in the past. And that kinda was in the
all or nothing mindset, which we’ll get to in a little bit, but then, Lori had an,
I guess, kind of like I guess like an epiphany one day, and she realized though, that consistency isn’t
that she has to work out, we had to work out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Consistency is whatever you choose to be. If that’s three days you’re gonna stay
consistent with exercising. If it’s three days you’re
gonna stay consistent with cooking your meals at home. Whatever it is for you. – And on top of that, for we want to add on top of what else consistency is, it’s just a way of life. It’s more fun, it’s more casual. If you look at it as being
perfect with what you’re doing, of being the person that you need to be with perfection with
that intention behind it, you’re gonna have a lot
different experience. I feel a lot more again heartache and feeling like you’re
not moving forward in life, and never feeling that
enough-ness feeling inside of you, where I feel as again, with consistency, when you get to redefine what
consistency means to you, and then you get to kinda make
it fun in your life again. That’s when you’re gonna really see that you are consistent over time and you’ll get to see
your progress over time. – Yeah–
– Beacuse you’ll feel more excited about life. – Yeah, because we actually
asked a lot of you guys, our fans and followers that, what do they mostly struggle with? And it was still was being consistent. Not just with their fitness, but also taking care of their mind and enjoying their soul work, or as you guys know Lori
and I like to call it, like the personal development work and so, we realized this is because,
I think, so many of you, because we’ve actually had
people write us in like they don’t feel like they’re doing enough as they always seem to be able to do this and they’re like why am I still doing it? – But you have to realize
that your future version of that being person
doesn’t think like that. She thinks in terms of what she’s doing is enough for that day.
– Yeah. – So it’s really important to embrace and embody who you’re being. – Exactly. And just also, realize that five minutes is still enough to move you forward because one thing that goes
back in the consisting of who you’re being, as you
guys would heard a lot, Lori and I say this a lot before, it’s the grand scheme of life.
– Yes. – It’s the bigger picture. It’s not just what you’re doing in one day that matters as much. It’s what you do on a consistent basis. And that goes back to the definition, it’s just it’s just overall the same type of behavior is being done and so Lori and I looked, reflecting back and we are just always had been girls who viewed ourselves as into health, into fitness, taking care of ourselves, so it wasn’t like we were, though we went through
a period of time though, I wanna bring this up though, if you know our story of being obsessed with going to the gym, we had to go perfectly
sometimes twice a day, well that was for a different reason. That, again was a little bit of the all-or-nothing mindset, which consistency could
be a little close to, could be so confusing–
– Yes. – Confusing to people–
– the consistency that means oh, that means I have to be perfect with this.
– Yes. – We’re trying to show you, no, you can kind of find what consistency is what can you get
committed yourself behind, if that’s five minutes
of, you know, everyday or 30 minutes, three days a week, whatever it is for you but our obsessions was more
geared toward body image and it didn’t feel enough. So it’s a little differently, but I did, we’ve general again, going over the general
being of who we are, we all still viewed ourselves
as fit and healthy person because lately when we miss a workout or even miss doing our journaling and things like that, we don’t beat ourselves
up and think we failed. It was what the old kinda version of us when we were still stuck
in that perfection, all or nothing mindset. We’ve just realized but
we will do it tomorrow, we’re not doing it tomorrow
because we missed yesterday, we’re doing it tomorrow
because that’s who we are. We work out because that’s who we are. We’re not going to achieve a certain thing or make up for something we did.
– Yes. – And so we want, we ask
you is to start identifying as being a fit and healthy
person that kinda starts with what is that to you? What does that mean to you? What values does that person have? What characteristics,
behaviors, habits do they have? What are the stories
you’re telling yourself? – I wanna really get across again that what Michelle just said, so you
guys really understand this, ’cause I feel it’s very powerful, it’s very powerful for
Michelle and I to understand that because now that we’re
applying that being-ness into other parts of our life, which is a cool thing again
about being consistency and being the person that you need to be. It reflects really on how you are – Because everything in
life is really related which you guys have
heard us say before too. – So again, Michelle and I work out now because that’s just who we have become. It’s who we’re stepping into that is the higher power version of ourselves. That is the successful,
fit, healthy person. That’s just what we are,
it’s just what we do. – That’s what our higher self does. It’s not like we’re trying
to look a certain way, or– – It’s not like how
we’re going to work out, again like how we were used
to, it was to lose weight, or stay a certain size, or
to make other people think that we are whatever. Or feel like we’re good enough. No, it’s just because
that’s just who we are now. Just who we are being part
of life, but that it forms in terms of being consistent, with becoming the person
that we wanted to become, because again this is all
new to you at the start, for a lot of us, and it feels really odd, but you just make the
commitment to being consistent, not being perfect. And then just enjoy the
journey ’cause again, the second thing that
we want you to focus on besides, kinda ties into the being-ness, is the beliefs. You have to start asking
yourself, what is my being person of what I want,
what is she believing? And we believed, we have
formed a belief over the years, we’d always tell our girls
inside our membership, it’s that you don’t have to
be perfect to get results. You don’t have to get
perfect to get results! – Type that down below! I don’t have to be perfect to get results. – But see why that works for us? It’s because we asked ourselves what is that future version of ourself who is fit and healthy and
feeling so good about ourselves and has great health and
is so confident in herself, what is she believing? And one thing that we found
that she was believing is that it’s just all
about being consistent doing what you like to
do and not being perfect, ’cause we all know what
perfectionism does. It sucks the life out of you, pretty much ’cause you’re never feel
like you’re gonna be enough. So that’s why you hear those things like, all small things that you do every day adds up to bigger things. Well, it is so true because
as Michelle and I looking back in our life, all, we’ve been working out this
way for over nine years, and it only has gotten better for us and we have formed these
habits and routines, and to be the people that we need to be, but we were consistent with
it, we weren’t perfect at it ’cause you guys have been
with our story. (laughs) I got pregnant a couple
of times during it, Michelle had her eczema
at the start of it, then she got hurt. So we’ve had our issues, not issues but contrasting moments of
where we had to again, like, test ourselves in our beliefs, that we are gonna be OK even
though we are taking this, because we remember who we are being now, as a reminder every single day, who am I being? Am I again being a person that’s gonna stress out
that I missed a workout or got stressed that I
missed out that journaling, or did I know that it’s
OK for me to miss a day, that I’m still being consistent
in the bigger picture, and that’s why we always
talk to our clients about. You have to step back, and look at the bigger
picture of who you’re being, and the general habits you’re starting to form in your life. And then, are you going down the intention of being perfect with them, or are you going down
with the intention of you’re just committed in being consistent, and doing the best you can. Completely two different energies, and then I feel I’m getting
two different outcomes. – Exactly, ’cause if
you also think about it, I look at consistency as a lot more fun, it’s more practical, relatable,
maintainable way of living. Versus perfection is
that never-ending cycle, you’re never gonna feel like everything’s always gonna be over there, and you’re never gonna
reach it type of energy. So, if you come and
embrace and start realizing if you still have that
all or nothing mindset, and then one day I did a video around, more around food, around
the all or nothing mindset, and our tips for that,
which we’ll link down below, but really just ask yourself, like, how can you have more fun with this? How can you have more fun
being a fit, healthy person and most likely, a fit, healthy person towards embody and naturally
sees yourself as that, and then if you start
seeing yourself this way, then your behaviors, and your
actions, and your thoughts, and the things you do reflect that, and it gets better over time but you get more solid in
who you are in that being. – Because also in who that being goes on top of a fit, healthy person, not only are you exercising
on a consistent basis, but you’re also naturally gravitating, just generally eating, making
better choices with your food, not being perfect, ’cause you know, again, you don’t have that belief
that you need to be perfect, but then in terms of, you just have more
enjoyment around food again, you’re just consistent
with eating certain foods because it knows it
makes you feel your best; therefore, that’s just what you do. That’s just who you are. It’s not like something
that you’re striving to do, again to lose a certain weight, no, it’s just who you’re being, yep, that’s just who I am and that’s, we have stepped into
that version of ourselves every single year and it’s only gotten stronger and easier and more natural for us and that’s another part with being consistent.
– Yep. – When you do these things over time. It does just become, like autopilot, which is right now your autopilot is the other versions of ourselves, when we make things a struggle, we tell ourselves we can’t do this, and that we have to be perfect. The more you can tell, step into this new self-image of yourself, again, the consistency with it, you
will become natural with it. – And inside our membership program, our whole fit soul movement
practice we teach our clients in how to do that, and our
tips of how to embody that, and how to carry yourself
throughout the day. So, if you want to see all of that, we’ll get a link down below
so you can check it out, but I also want to bring up here another big key factor to help you break the all or nothing around being, being your fit, healthy self and feel like you’re always struggling to
be consistent, or get results, is the stress factor
if you think about it, when you break away from being perfect, so if you put that
pressure on yourself that oh my gosh, I have to meditate every day, and if I don’t do it, oh my gosh! And all that, you can
just feel the energy, and that pressure you’re putting, the internal pressure–
– Yep. – which has caused us
external things to happen or not happen, right?
– Yeah. Lori and I have done– – Quite a few videos on the importance of stress,
and the internal stuff, and we’ll again, we’ll
link them all down below for you to check out as well, but when you’ve put on
just having fun with it, being consistent, knowing
that won’t be perfect, you know consistency can
be five minutes every day. Now if that means what you
can be committed to right now, knowing that in five
years, that could change, that’s what you focus on, that’s the general being consistency, and another thing you guys hear
a lot is the bigger picture, which I said earlier in the video, but please do take that into account that we work out for life, we eat to move for life,
and start telling yourself, that’s you being that
person who does it then. You start telling yourself those stories and tell yourself the
stories that you know what? I know I missed my workout
but I’m not off-track, nothing’s wrong that I’m a
person that does it anyways. I’m not trying to prove anything
or make up for anything, I just do it anyways–
– Yeah. – ’cause that’s what who I am, and that also will help
you break away from, to me, the stress around the all
or nothing if you can start, just having more fun being consistent. Ask yourself how you can
have more fun with it. Research shows that, regardless of the habit that
you are working to build, missing a single day
has no measurable impact on your long-term success. – Just focus on being
consistent, having fun with it, start being the person you need to be, start forming the beliefs, and stepping into those
beliefs every single day– – Not just beliefs–
– to become that person. – But the habits. – The habits, the stories, the energy, just what you do every single day, and break away from the perfection again, ’cause our goal isn’t to be perfect.
– It’s to have fun in life. – Our goal is to have fun in life I mean, – You think about perfection, it really doesn’t make life
fun, I mean are we right?, state down below perfectionism is not fun! Agree with us all here, Fit Soul Bosses, but we encourage you to just
embrace this more really, you’re gonna re-watch
this video again, like, hone in on being the person that just does this stuff naturally, and it’s gonna feel awkward at first. But the more you do it with consistency, and those small things that
you do every day over time will build up, to be, you really are the person
you want to be, naturally. – And another thing to
take into account is you can kinda see Lori and I’s energy here is just light-hearted
about it with it all, if you catch yourself being perfect again, give yourself, just be like oh there I am! that old me, I no longer believe
that I have to be perfect, choose this way, to remember to have a
light-hearted version about it, this is something we
wish we knew earlier on in our journey.
– We were so hard on ourselves. – What we were doing to ourselves, like, with other parts of our
life, oh they were like, there I go again, thinking that thought, or there I go again, doing this over here.
– So catch yourself. – If you catch yourself using that excuse, oh well, why do I even bother, I did it, I’ve only done it for five,
it doesn’t, no, oh, whoa. No that’s not me anymore. I am and then just step
into whatever new beliefs or habits you wanna form but just be more light-hearted with it. That adds on just to have more fun, making sure you’re smiling, practicing self-compassion, then just think all the grace out there that God has granted us with, you don’t have to be perfect! Make sure you tell yourself that every day that I do enough, I
don’t have to be perfect, I’m getting results every
day, it gets better. – We love you guys!
– Yeah! – This is, Fit Soul
Bosses we love you guys are doing amazing, remember!
– You are! – You are doing a great job! – It may not sometimes feel like it, but every little thing really does add it, add up over time, it’s always
kind of what we already said, so just keep going, keep believing! – We don’t give up here,
as Fit Soul Bosses, we do not give up! Again, write that down
below on the comment box, I do not give up, I won’t give up! I’m doing this! I’m being more consistent every day! – I am enough!
– I’m committed! – I’m committed to this! It’s really powerful stuff but that’s it for us today. We love you guys, as always,
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