What’s going on Bearcats? Jalen here and today
we’re going to go over how to use your locker properly set the combination and
how to get back into it when you’re done working out alright so for example I’m
gonna go with Locker 53 you may say why I choose that one well I know this one
is unlocked because our arrow here is in the upright position
it moves to the left that means that Locker is currently in use so we’re
going to make this simple I’m going to make my combination zero one two alright zero one two is officially my
combination I’m gonna turn it to the lock position and now I’m going to
scramble it alright so I’m going to go through scramble each digit and now it
is officially locked 53 is locked I can go do my workout run on the treadmill
whatever I need and I know my stuff is safe and secure right done with my
workout it was a good one we’re gonna come back we’re gonna get
our stuff we’re gonna head out so to do that we it’s in a locked position like
we said so we go back we set our combination to zero one two twist bingo
and we’re in easy as that guys take care