One of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment, as you can tell: band. So let’s strike up the band and tell you why. We’ve got different type of bands with handles and different resistance. We’ve got single loop bands that don’t have handles on them, then we’ve got one of the classic: just kind of a small tubing band with handles at the end. You can get these anywhere. They’re really inexpensive. They’re really portable, and there’s a ton of exercises that you can do with them. Now why I love the band is because it operates on this principle that I call “mitigated variability.” Yes, I know. I know. Let me explain it a different way: When I extend this band in any movement pattern, it’s not a perfect line. It’s never the same amount of exact tension every time, and it’s pulling me in a little bit of a different direction every single time I do a rep. The good news about that is is it’s really safe, and it never really lets my muscles or my brain rest because I’ve got to make these little adaptations to what this band is doing when I’m moving it. So we can do it standing on it with curls, with kickbacks, with presses. Around our feet, where you can move side to side with it for our hips. You can use it seated in a chair. So if you know standing up doesn’t work for you, we could be in a chair with the band. And we could be doing curls from the chair. We could stand on them; we can press with them. It’s so portable. It’s so versatile. The last thing I’ll say about the band and why I really like it is: In most exercises, so let’s say I sat and I did a row, I put my feet and I secured it under my feet, as the band extends, it gets more tension right in the area where I want more tension. So in most of them as we get a little bit stronger in our position or we want to focus on an area in the end position, the band shows up with just the amount of resistance we want. And you can adjust it any way you want. This is an amazing tool. Put it to work.