Gliding was invented by Mindy Millwright from
California, a simple idea. She took paper plates, brought them into her group fitness
class, placed them under the feet and allowed people to simulate exercises like roller blading
and ice skating. From there gliding emerged to either a hard disc, a plastic disc that
will be used on carpet or we have a nylon covered softer disc that is used on wood floor.
The gliding program is now available in group fitness classes throughout the country. The
benefits of gliding include cardiovascular endurance and strengthening and lengthening
in the muscles through full range of motion. As we go through the exercises you will see
that we are going to focus on concentric as well as eccentric exercise for the muscle
groups through full range of motion. The exercises will target lower body, gluts, hamstrings,
quadriceps, and inner thigh and upper body, pectorals, biceps, triceps, and lats. You
will also see combination exercises that will include some weight training as well.