What’s going on guys? I’m going to show you guys how to do tricep pushdowns. Now what you want to do first is get the V bar. I like using the V bar the best if you don’t have a V bar available and they have a straight bar or ez curl bar you can use those as well. It’s the same form and technique you can also use the rope I like using this the best. Now what you’re going to do is you’re going to using an adjustable cable machine just put it up kind of high and take a step back, I like to keep my feet together. Keep a slight bend in your knees arch your back, and you’re going to keep your elbows in front of your hips while maintaining a neutral spine okay? So bring your elbows in front of your hips just like this and push straight down and breathe out. Now once you’re all the way down and then come up just barely past 90 degrees and then push straight down and breathe out again. Come back up. Just past 90 degrees now keeping my elbows in front of my hips the whole time is keeping constant pressure on my tricep. And that’s how you do tricep pushdowns. For more great information please feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. Later guys