Hello my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf
of Expert Village today I’m going to talk to you about how to recognize and treat a
condition called Restless Leg Syndrome. In this clip I’m going to talk to you about certain
things that you can do at home, in the privacy of your home, to reduce the chances of you
getting this condition. Now we know that with Restless Leg Syndrome there are many contributing
factors to get it and one of them is stress and anxiety. One of the things you can do
is to do pilates or yoga or any sort of form of exercise that will help you to relax and
also to reduce stress but also to reduce the tension in your body, specifically for Restless
Leg Syndrome, the lower half of your body from your waist and downwards. So here are
some exercises, I’m on the pilates mat and you can buy this readily at any health food
or exercising store very cheaply, and what you can do is throughout the day if you are
able to you can find the space and you can do some leg exercises. You can lie down on
your side and what you can do is just really give a good stretch and raise your legs, raise
and exercise, you can change the positioning of your legs, anything that would relax the
muscles, reduce the tension, and increase the circulation flow. Another one that is
good is also to do the leg bending cycling which is very good. These are ways and things
that you can do very quickly maybe 15 minutes or so during the day because Restless Leg
Syndrome occurs more frequently at night time so that will reduce the chances of you getting
that. Another thing to do is in pilates or what you can do is stretching exercises and
this is a stretchy fabric that you can buy and with this you can do leg exercises for
example here you can just use this as a way to really give your lower extremities a really
good work out and these are just ways to reduce the stress and tension.