hey fatty this is how to treat fasting detox symptoms let's begin so the first thing you need to treat fasting detox symptoms is stop being a fucking pussy fuck most of its minor minor ok fuck I know women have given birth and fucking split their pussies in half down to their asshole and they're worried about lightheadedness or a fucking headache shut the fuck up and stop being a fucking pussy now we'll get to it Hanks ok so the first thing check and make sure you get enough fucking water volume with your fucking snake juice ok a good way to tell right away if the fucking ketone strips are dark as fuck and you have a headache you're probably low in fucking fluid ok right away because you know that your fucking long the fluid because you're fucking ketone concentration sky-high now if the ketones are sky-high and you feel fine you're fine ok kidney pain or sometimes back pain will get people confused kidney pain you're detoxing ok but when you fast your kidneys will break up all that fucking gone down minerals that have been stockpiling your kidneys from your bad fucking diet ok that's not even talk since that's just mineral buildup and fast it'll break it down so one way to fucking help that right away is your baking soda get in your fucking baking soda and get in your fucking goddamn lemon juice and on a dry fast it might be worse so deal with it ok dry fast is gonna heal the fucking kidneys gonna help that shit break down that's why when you come off a fucking good long dry fast like three days or longer make sure your fucking break with baking soda stomach aches now it's just a minor stomachache basically it's fuck off okay yeah you might get some stomach aches you got a fucked-up stomach but all you do okay so basically with a stomachache maybe try drinking some Sanpellegrino carbonated water okay fuck around with that maybe you can experiment with some fucking apple cider vinegar okay you can experiment just drinking a little bit of water okay you gotta fuck when it's a fucking gun egg shut the fuck up stop being a fucking pussy so when you start vomiting like crazy that you got to fucking actually deal with something fuck it's a fucking gutted weakness okay right off the bat if I can feeling weak make sure you get enough fucking snake juice in specifically the salts make sure you're getting it enough salts okay because the electrolytes will keep you feeling good can you're never gonna be 100 fuckin percent we're on a long pole long fast okay if you want to feel decent okay but if you're feeling super fucking weak in the knees and shit crank up the fucking salts see what happens if you're feeling very weak to the point where you fucking cat stand up your knees are shaky maybe consider breaking your fucking fast and then starting yet can you gotta have common sense turn on the prolong fast or not you little fucking try fucking running a marathon or training your fucking balls off especially if you're fairly lean okay or if you're fucking don't have as much weight to lose some fat asses when they keep the salt cranked up they can train and fast for fucking days and still feel good it all depends how fat you are okay you got to fuck with an experiment stop being a bitch stop relying on me for everything okay try shit how do you think I learned this shit you're gonna fuck with it you're not gonna fucking die bad breath bad breath that's usually going to be caused by fucking detox because all the fucking goddamn toxins in your body fat when you're fucking fasting okay keto breast different okay you can be fucking lean and clean and get keto breath and you'll taste some acetone but your breath won't smell bad okay that's fucking detox that's your dirty ass motherfucking body Kate Liberty all sorts of shit all the meds and sheep and taking your own fucking life and all the garbage you didn't put in your body diarrhea that'll happen often fuckin that will happen sometimes even after a refeed now real diarrhea is when you're shitting constantly if you just have one wet shit I don't give a fuck that's common it's like yeah you're drinking salt water for fuckin three or four or five or six or seven days straight once you repeat course you're gonna have the shit's for maybe an hour but if it's constant diarrhea and you're pounding that salt water cut the fuckin salt water Albert Einstein okay dry fast for a little bit till it stops if it fuckin comes back then maybe break the fast and then start again okay your boy is gonna kick all sorts of shit out of your colon when you're dry fast this is exactly how you get rid of worms and flips and shit dry fasting can they fuckin let go and you shit them out and the reason they grew so big in the first place in your system is because you ate fuckin piles of sugar and shit that's why the fucking worms grow so fucking big vomiting now this one don't eat so much and your refeed fat fucking pig that's one reason people have vomited that I help because they fuckin stuff their face in there repeat you idiot you're trying to lose fuckin weight but what other fucking example of this those little more rare okay sometimes I blame it on liver detox and the fucking stomach will get fucked up a little bit from I believe I believe I don't know for sure okay I couldn't find anything on the fucker here that explains perfectly what the fuck happens but I believe that their fucking stomach pH is low or high and then what happens is you get fucking bile coming back up and then it'll basically create foam in the stomach and you start puking and you can't stop it okay so some things I've done with people that work one guy this happened to usually there are very fucking obese guys that this happened to okay apple cider vinegar fucking help the guy in lick it out okay I've had people knock back fucking San Pellegrino Kate or a carbonated water I had one person then that happened to basically they broke their fast and I had them knock back some coconut water like very slowly because if they're puking nots losing electrolytes so at least the coconut water is getting it back in okay but sometimes you can solve it quick with just some fucking carbonated water some apple cider vinegar okay now acne is a fucking detox symptom okay fasting will cure your fucking acne but sometimes at the very beginning you'll get bad acne because you're detoxing like a motherfucker okay don't fucking worry about it deal with it fuck lay headedness that's similar to weakness right after that check the fucking salts are you getting the fucking salt in okay are you getting enough salt a perfect way to check if you got to send a fucking balls to see how much fucking salts in your system taste your fucking piss okay if you fucking piss in a cup I guarantee when you're weak and lightheaded your piss will taste like there's no salt in it at all okay if your piss tastes you can usually taste slightly a bit of sodium and a bit of potassium if your salts are good especially the fucking sodium okay maybe you won't taste the potassium but you'll taste some salt some sodium you're cold if I can call get a blanket pussy shut the fuck up stop being a pussy okay you're mobilizing tons of fucking fatty acids in your bloodstream and all the Bloods go to the fatty areas in your body and taking the blender your extremities okay get a blanket stop being a bitch body odour the same as bad breath keep fasting lose the fucking weight get lean and fucking clean fucked up metro cycle who fucking cares you're fine okay your hormones are fucked up before he started too fast now you're fucking normalizing your hormones your menstrual cycle might be all over the fucking map okay you're not gonna die you're not fucking gonna die just because it's a change in your life you're fine fuck hair loss this is rare buy a wig okay your hair is gonna fucking grow back – fucking shock in the fuck on your system gain you deserve this you fucking destroyed your body for fucking god knows how many years okay you're cleaning the fucking thing out it's a big reset this is what happens you detox on your motherfucker and the day you're not gonna die stop being a fucking little goddamn pussy and deal with some goddamn discomfort so until next time shut the fuck up stop being a pussy and stop fucking eating fatty