hi I'm Emily Jones fitness expert and competitor here at camp euro Fitness and I'm going to demonstrate to you how to tone your thighs and glutes through jogging there are so many variations of jogging that you can do and I'll demonstrate a little bit later one of the variations that I do personally to tone up my thighs and my glutes you can do it outside and actually it's nature's best obstacle course you can go at Hills you can go backwards or you can do it on a treadmill at whatever incline that you choose but I choose to do an incline because it puts a lot of more resistance and training on your glutes and your hamstrings instead of that inner of your quads some of the variations to jogging is if we do keep it at an incline you're probably not going to be able to jog just as long as if you were on a flat surface or outside on the track so you can do interval training and that's actually jogging for about 30 seconds and then you can hop off and actually rest for another 30 seconds hop back on and run and alternate that for about 20 minutes and again I'm Emily Jones fitness expert in competitor and I just showed you how to tone your glutes and your thighs through jogging have a great day