Hey it’s Derek Doepker with Excuse Proof Fitness
and in this series of short videos, I’m going to be giving you some tips and strategies
that you can to stick to a diet. I know this stuff works because I used to
eat fast food literally every single night. Yet by changing a few things psychologically,
I was able to transform my lifestyle, transform my habits and actually stick with it for the
past nine years. You couldn’t pay me to go back to my old ways. So I’m going to be giving you those same insights
and strategies that you can use to get the motivation you need to stick to a healthy
diet plan. In this series I’m going to be covering a
few like willpower and why willpower alone will not work. A lot of times people to try
use willpower to change their habits and this is pretty much guaranteeing that they’re going
to fail. Another thing I’m going to talk about is the
idea that diets don’t work. This is actually true and false. I’m going to share with you what modern research
has shown can actually change and rewire your brain. A lot of people are engaging in habits
and behaviors that actually alter their brain for the worse. That create junk food cravings.
So by following some certain behaviors and changing a few things, you can actually start
to rewire your brain. And overcome junk food cravings and the things that tend to sabotage
people on a diet. I’m going to share with you some epigentic
research. Epigenetics has to do with the genes. We used to think you couldn’t change your
genes, but you can actually change your genetic expression. I’m going to show you how to change
your genes for the better. In this video I’m going to share with you
the absolute biggest mistake that I think people make when it comes to approaching diets
and dieting, and this is pretty much sets people up for failure right from the start. That is this mindset, this idea that you need
to “go on a diet.” The reason why going on a diet doesn’t make any sense, is because
if you go on a diet, let’s say to lose weight, that almost implies that at some point you’re
going to come off that diet. And it doesn’t matter how great of weight
loss results you get following a diet plan, if a person goes back to their old habits
that caused them to become overweight in the first place, they’re going to lose all of
their beneficial results. This is exactly what the research has shown.
Is that a lot of people who lose weight following restricted calorie diets within a few months
to a few years they gain all that weight back. So this approach clearly doesn’t work. The
alternative approach, the one that I’m going to recommend that’s been successful for me,
is approaching diet from the perspective of making it a lifestyle. Make it a habit. Even if you screw up a diet for an entire
week that you’re on vacation, what does a week matter compared to the rest of your life?
That’s the mindset you start to adopt whenever you approach eating health as just a lifestyle. The benefit of eating healthy as a lifestyle
of course is that when you eat healthy – eat better day in and day out naturally any results
you get, like weight loss and better health, you’re going to get to keep those results
for the long haul. That makes a lot more sense to me. I don’t want to just be in great shape once,
I want to be in great shape and stay in great shape for the rest of my life. So I told you that I used to eat really unhealthy
every single night. The first shift that took place for me when it came to making a diet
– a healthy diet a lifestyle was to change my self-image. So that’s the first exercise for you, besides
just changing how you look at diets, is to alter your self-image. Start to see yourself
as a healthy eater. You can tell yourself that “I’m eating healthier
each day.” – “I’m making healthier food choices each day.” You don’t have to lie to yourself and say
“I have a perfect diet” or anything like that cause that’s not true for anyone including
myself. I don’t have a perfect diet, but I generally make healthy food choices 80-90%
of the time. That’s all it really takes to not only get results, but keep great results
is just consistency. It’s not just what you do, it’s more about
what you do consistently. So focus on what your consistent behaviors are. What your habits
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