about to head off to the gym my goal today is to get 30 minutes on the treadmill without stopping at 10 kilometres an hour I think that's six miles an hour ten kilometres an hour would be a 10k in exactly one hour which is what I would like to do I've actually run a 10k before and it took me well over an hour took me like an hour and eight minutes or something and I've even run a half marathon that was a while ago that was back it was about 50 pounds ago bigger in there in the wrong direction so today I got a kind of make a kind of make an improvement got to get thirty minutes on the treadmill and I'm gonna take a look at the scale as well I can fairly honestly assume that my weight on the scale will read something like boom that's big because um I've been drinking a lot and and I've eaten pretty healthy actually so I will see if it's gone down a little bit but I'm still it's still a really big guy so I'm not expecting to see anything too small on the scale but anywho I'll get you an update got the 30 minutes it was actually really easy I felt like it was surprising you can see covered in that sweat pretty nasty got a lot of work to do but I was surprised at just how easy just how simple the 30 minutes felt I think part of it's because I've run before in the past and so there was a point in time when I could run an hour or even once a half marathon so maybe the totally been about half a year since I've done that so maybe this strength is still there and I incremental II move myself up to running and I think we'll probably make a video about that how I do it because as a fat person you know getting started with running is one of the most intimidating things you can do what you get it feels really good and it's one of the best supplements to to a healthier lifestyle I went ahead and ordered five kilos of whey protein for My Fitness Pal or my Fit now my fitness pots the app I use for my protein and it's unflavored which means it tastes like that's a damn lie unflavored my ass but what I do is my gym has these delicious drinks that they give out for free no calories and if I mix them together it doesn't taste so terrible in Germany it's really popular to get what's called spoodle vasa which is like the carbonated water which I think I used to think it was really nasty but I've fallen in love with it since I moved here you mix some like carbonated calorie-free fruit water with some unflavored protein and it is half way tolerable but you know when you're a fat guy trying to lose weight there's not a lot of calories space for frills for milk and for bananas or for for all that extra goodness and a protein shake you just kind of go with the minimum get what's tolerable and yeah so let's let's get this going so I'm will and today is the most important day of my life so far because today taking another step towards getting over my addiction to food and binge eating carbonation 30 minutes on the treadmill I feel it really does it feels good if you're not running and you're fat and if it's not too bad for your knees you got to give it a shot man you got to get out there and just one minute at a time two minutes at a time take your breaks build yourself up it's totally worth it then you can reward yourself with a very mediocre protein shake so that was nasty but now that I've had that it's time for some actual lunch I think and if you've never been to Germany before if you've never been to Europe the best part about living in Germany besides the beer of course is the German bread now it might not look like anything you've never seen before but believe me this is what they call full corn boat full corn bread full corn and it is legit yeah it's dark it's full of calories but damn it if it isn't tasty and I'd say it's probably some sort of a heavy carbohydrate I've tried to reduce my my intake of this stuff since I moved here but the very beginning it was pretty bad because the stuff is so damn good in fact their bread is so special and so different that they don't refer to our white bread or wheat bread as bread that is called exclusively in German toast and they actually use the word toast they don't use the word bread in fact there is no word toast in German they just used the English toast to mean American white bread yeah and they call this bread if you ask someone to pass the bread you're referring to toast and yes in the past the bread they won't know what you're talking about it's that it's that big of a difference so I'm a bigger guy and I run and I love it love is not the word I do it and it feels good when I'm finished doing it um but starting is hard starting to jog to get out there as a fat person who's never trained and jogged before can be really intimidating so I'm going to teach you today some ways to get out there to get started and to get into something that's really going to boost and and put momentum on your weight loss journey so I've run off and on for like five or six years I started running back when I was like 320 330 pounds and so that was tough on my knees you need to be careful when you're a really overweight person but the tips I'm going to give you are going to be good for any endurance sport so if you're swimming or bike riding or something more knee friendly this advice is still going to apply to you I ran my first 5k and 10k about two years ago and then I worked myself up over the course of a year to run a half marathon which I finished in well over two hours super slow but I did it it's one of the best accomplishments in my entire life I lost 100 pounds through jogging and lifting weights and healthy eating I gained about 50 of it back which I'm now trying to lose but I'm doing that by by starting up my running again the trick with any endurance sport is to go little by little so you go out there on your first day I remember my first day of jogging about two years ago after not having jogged for a very long time and it's torture yeah you go out there you run one-minute intervals you stop you're out of breath you're exhausted you just can't continue you you've got a five minute interval and it just feels like it's the end of the world let me be the one to tell you it does get better if you're a fat person out there huffing and puffing it's going to get better for you I promise you just have to go out there and do a little by little the key is to find a program so for example couch to 5k is a great program to get started if you're looking to run a 5k race 5k is being three miles it's about a thirty minute run if you're running at about 6 miles an hour a relatively normal pace the way the program works is that you can train either in time intervals so like run two minutes take a break run three minutes take a break or you can train in distance intervals run a half mile take a break run two miles take a break and it's over a six-week period I think maybe it's eight weeks I used it when I first started running in a few wonderful and at the beginning yes it is a slog because you're out of breath you feel like you can't continue but you know then it does get better I remember that when I was training couch to 5k two years ago after I started getting into intervals that were that the workout would say run 24 minutes straight one day I just ran thirty because I felt like I had the energy and I was ready and I had been slowly preparing myself for that moment so the other the other tip that's really important is to think about mental blocks so when you're running marathoners talk about this half marathoners talk about this it's this physical and mental block that you run into towards the end of your race towards the end of your run and it manifests itself in a little bit different way if you're a beginner fat person kind of like doing your first five-minute jog and that is about three or four minutes in you start to get this mental thing in your head saying oh my god this is the most I've ever run please stop alright and you have to ask yourself you have to come to this conclusion on your own is my mind telling me this because my mind wants a break because my subconscious doesn't want to push myself because because the fat me is fighting is it a mental thing or are your legs and your knees physically giving out right you don't want to hurt yourself but if it is just your mind and I think as you train more you'll get a better sense of when it is just your mind telling you to stop that's when you need to define the energy to push through okay I encountered this in a big way during my half marathon because I had pain in my my feet this was last March or April when I did this pay to my knees and it was a real physical pain that I was experiencing and that led to a mental pain aura meant a mental urge to stop but you have to decide when you're running ten minutes do I really need to stop or do I just want to stop and you'll get a good feel for that as you go along and the last thing I want to address is doing this out in public or in the gym as a bigger person running can be super intimidating in fact I think it probably is the most intimidating except for like powerlifting because you're exposed right you're out in public you're running and you just jiggle in all around people see the jiggle and I have to kind of give you a useless platitude here but you gotta have to not give a all right you're out there to better yourself there's two possibilities one people are going to see it every week out there doing it they're going to respect you for it for bettering yourself right everyone has their vices unfortunately for us fat people our vices are worn very clearly on the outside when people see us they know our vices food but everyone's got their vices and they're going to respect you for wanting to better yourself now that's not to say there aren't assholes in the world the assholes are going to look at you laugh at you forget you yeah you just kind of have to deal with it because in the end the the costs outweigh or the benefits outweigh the costs it's worth it to get out there and run the feeling the rudder as high as they call it after running 30 minutes is real and if it's not a sense of euphoria like they're describing the scientific papers at that very least it's a sense of accomplishment so those were some tips for you to get started running the key is to go little by little have the motivation and just don't give a about what people think yeah get out there better yourself I promise you you run out there for your first 5k your first 10k you get into the official race the the community of runners is so awesome yeah just be slow be yourself and enjoy the ride to getting healthier