all right so another thing that I wanted to do in the first build but I didn't really know how to do it until I went to wizard con and saw the controls will show you guys the importance of the new mechanic this time around called the stamina break which is essentially when you break the stamina and you have an opening to beat that ass now unlike the last game which was you know verse one obviously um when you did break the stamina when someone was on the ground they were kind of safe for a little bit and they had a lot more recovery recovery frame um possible it's not even that it's the fact that the hip Texan was kind of poopoo so when the guard was broken or stamina rather you couldn't really do too much to um you know punish but this game is different I'm gonna teach you how to stamina break and essentially what you can do after you do the next stamina break and you know kind of explain in how this gets game-changing for the competitive scene of this game now off the bat it's gonna be kind of difficult because I'm fighting the computer and he's not gonna do what I want to do so I'm gonna show you the basic controls of the two ways you can stamina break now the first way okay seventeen now you want to hit me when I'm trying to explain so the first way is up in square you gotta press at the same exact time oh I like not like that like this you let me do it that's nice and as you can see when the stamina is broken it comes back a lot faster and how it did before because with the new system of how you break the stamina they don't want it to be kind of how it was before which I'm assuming at this point that's just my speculation now this up in square and then also it's up in front you triangle if you will let me do the triangle part it so now this part I think it throws you okay that one is going downwards I don't know if it's like that free up for all the characters before the up in triangle variations throw you down and the up and square version to keep you like right there but yeah that's pretty essentially what it is and when you do that I'll show you move mold whoo I'll show you parts where you can utilize for other things so such as one hit on down No hi I'll just stay here don't mind me all right let's try it again kal hit him on the ground now he's on the ground he's weak I can grab him on the ground now just kidding now I can I can do a lot more things to him as such such as hitting him on the ground as well if I can do it again you know off the bat he's mine I can do whatever I want at that current point in time and have my way with them and whichever way I please do it gently so it's pretty nice I'm pretty sure I could also utilize hitting them on the ground with his super if I wanted to or just in general with this is the right after that connected perfectly and do it again just because okay pickle off the ground meteor crash that's essentially it that's how you to life stamina break and is a game changer for sure compared to the old meta game play of competitively yeah so I'm going to be fighting rhyme with the goal of seeing what I can do to utilize that win a break this time in a regular fight fighting somebody who is a human living breathing person so I mean people lose right and they can hear me for me right this is they can hear you yeah every dino has their day as they say our dad wanna make sure they can hear the a slope another must be done don't do we don't accidentally lose you this guy is funny alright now like I said the goal here is mainly for me if you want to try to as well use a stamina break which is up in square the same time I've been trying at the same time actually still a competition I say you can hit it most on each other oh yeah how's that pause like this ain't no dominatrix stuff okay yeah I see no you tried we got weird a really bad angle here but now we're not hi hahaha all right listen you didn't get once down a break all we see kind of weak kind of weak Isom I will I will watch this No Oh Mason move oh ha ha mental slip it up oh I break this down like that that's nice now there's one kind of that's lovely that would be one of your should get a room that's it it is it is this is nice isn't it a pleasant evening at cutting eyes or Kai's world of University well I don't know listen to me alright come back I know you won't do any good just fine it's fine we know that – alright I'm ready to stop the runners in xenoverse – well you can't even run in here so I mean yeah yeah like a few like super Itachi you're done like your career is over I'm sorry it's not a shot oh I'm sliding him no people know this man so I have no choice all right it's all good I got the stamina break so if I lose which I did I still got one off ha ha ha that's what Kula can do let's try it listen honey go solar if you didn't hear it we're gonna try to see if we can do it now look you're hurting me oh wait a minute oh wait wait does it really don't have freeze rays it's a noise don't hear me listen let's see the damage you see the damage it's super gradual so I mean I like okay I see what you're saying so when you try to drift away into the keys you can still do it okay okay hold on hold on yeah all right all right back away and do the key blasting I'll see if I can catch you I got standard perfect you did they did it No now I want to test that – that's us game gender are back up back up and shoot them last sitting on my face okay so am I just gonna okay I can catch on here okay okay all right all right so that's new I mean yeah you just definitely disprove that you cannot I'm running this game and live to tell the tale you can definitely tie game no I don't want to play catch you're not my dad okay Wow Wow hijae didn't want my dad hello come on you didn't even balinese down before like a net can i click ah there's one I'm a bug there's one yo just there's the bun oh I did I'm sorry I mean I can cut that out if you're not ready no okay now we're gonna choose what's what are we cutting out the scare sport on this super toxic right let me know all right everybody killer Goku what second ruler because you well you don't don't kill my bag don't kill my bad but just let it go just let it go my dad did it for me and it worked wonders so just you know no yeah just went down I think give you stamina breaker hey yo thank you back Wow okay and now you messed up I'm going to go beyond uh-huh so same three stop that stop okay some reason if that was gonna pull an amazing back and like clutch you know like I just say in storm 4 alright so uh I'm not gonna pick someone like over powers in this matter didn't but not overpowering like stop that's not a workout okay boo Gina compared your number is like a complete different tale like Jen bucks today to the arena to the arena I would I want to be Jasper confetti for that okay alright give you a nice little parade for your death so we're gonna we don't forget the stamina break I'm almost Wray to get it regardless um you see how it works essentially we haven't really utilized it properly afterwards but you know we're new to the game still so I guess now nope nope nope nope nope nope okay hold on hold on hold on Carl I'm kind of look no.11 behind all the Nadine – alright I'll let you win enough you know I'm saying I was a good friend I'd like to get your screen time and now it's Mike oh you're giving those backache yeah do what you do crash Oh dad watch it got work no I can I get that's not I don't know come back here okay now you can be the underdog and you're gonna lose doc no my guards gonna break – I'm gonna break ha come on come on come on let me get this super bad baddies as it works ha ha ha ha I need a Mustang or broken eye dogs I need that broke because the next 10 seconds and I myself not a lot of stay with drugs I was are we talking about Ted 10 seconds and freeze a time because we know about a killer piece of time everybody ever go all right hey wait that's family now wait space that stamina waste on see an access token here I thought it was for a second lose that step Oh miss those hips don't connect that that's what I like to see now you gonna take some of this stuff just don't do that don't do that all right all right you know why I see you with the try to counter me with the – it down you go hold this and he will take some lucky this okay go what do you want to do what you want to do – is what's down a break no no no I love let me now be cocky that could beat that's good ha ha ha ha ha ha ha rhyme style was just exposing in Van Nuys offices it's crazy big youtuber over hugs 300k