Welcome to your new
LifeFuels Bottle! You now own the latest in Smart
Nutrition and Sustainable Hydration
Technology. Let’s unpack your box! Simply slide the sleeve over the
box and make sure the word LifeFuels is facing up before
lifting the top off the box. Once open, you will see the
LifeFuels Bottle and Welcome to
LifeFuels insert. On the back of the insert is a
Quick Start Guide for reference
in addition to this video. Beneath the Quick Start guide,
you will find the 3 FuelPods. Lifting the FuelPod Tray reveals
your LifeFuels charger and
cleaning brush. We recommend cleaning your
Bottle before use. Detailed cleaning instructions
are covered in another walk-through
video for your convenience. First, download the free
LifeFuels App which is available in both the Apple App Store
and Google Play Store. Simply search for
LifeFuels and download. Once downloaded, open your App
and select “Get Started”. Create your LifeFuels account by
entering your email address and
desired password. Follow the prompts on the
screen to build your custom
hydration profile. After filling out your profile,
it’s time to pair your Bottle. Tap “Pair My Bottle” in the app. Remove the Base Cap from the
Base by turning
counterclockwise. Next, press the Power button to
turn your bottle on. If for some reason your Bottle
does not Power on, once you
press the Power button, plug it in to charge. Your Bottle will automatically
turn on once you plug it in. The App will ask you to confirm
your Bottle’s serial number. The serial number is located on
the bottom of your LifeFuels
Bottle and on the sticker on your
Retail Box. Confirm your serial number
in the App. The LEDs on your Bottle will
start blinking blue. Press the Front Button once and
your Bottle will be paired
to your phone. To load your FuelPods, first
unscrew the cap from the FuelPod
and set it aside for future use. Then, remove the Base Cap
from the bottom of the Bottle. Insert the FuelPod into the Bay
and turn the FuelPod clockwise until it clicks into place
and reaches a hard stop. If your Bottle is on,
the Bay will light up. Repeat this step with your
remaining FuelPods and replace
the Base Cap.