No one likes to live in Stress but we get stressed even if we do not want it Stress is a natural process and there are many reasons of stress All of the stresses are not bad. Some stresses are helpful in completing your daily task Some Stress becomes the obstruction in your daily life and affects your physical and mental health as well It is necessary for all to know about stress and do Stress Management If you live a stress free life then you are able to make a stress-free environment Let’s know what is stress This chemical reaction is known as Fight or Flight. Means get out of all adverse situation and go ahead in the race of life. Then be secured You can many examples of stress in daily life Such as Exam Stress, Parents’ stress for Children, Stress for personal commitment, Financial problem stress, stress due to unnatural incident You can take many such examples Stress which remains for a short time and be released after your effort is known as Acute Stress This stress is not so harmful for your Health It’s symtom as follows Headache, Fatigue, Sleeplessness, Unable to Concentrate, Stomach Problems, Irritation etc Stress which is not released by self-effort and remains for a long time is known as Chronic Stress This may cause serious health complications if you don’t do stress management properly Before knowing about Stress Management it is necessary to know about the complications of Chronic Stress Let’s do Stress Management and live a stress-free life. Let’s Make life easy and comfortable Maintain a Dairy and monitor your Mental State. When you feel stress write down the cause, your thoughts and mood Have Guts to accept all situations and challenges in life Always remember this Quote Maintain Good relationship in Family Flight between family members is a bid cause of stress and most serious one is fight between couple There is sudden change in Stress Hormones due to this fight between members Good Relationship works as medicine towards release fo stress and sometimes ideas arise and stressful condition disappears totally Always remember this Quote When you get angry, get up and count one to ten and ten to one. Go out of your house and have a walk of 100-200 km After doing this stress arising from Angry will be released. Always remember this code Sleeplessness is the big cause of Stress. So six to seven hours of sleep is necessary for body and mind TV, Computers, Mobile all such items should not be kept in your bedroom because it diverts you for a good sleep Research says that Yog, Meditation, relaxation exercises not only kills your stress but it boosts your immune power Always remember this Quote You will be getting new information and also videos relating to Stress-free life If you do this 90% stress of your life would be finished It is our Wish Remember this Quote If you like this video, Subscribe to this channel and share this video with your friends. See you again in the next Video Thank you