Interpreting the data on a ZYTO
Wellness Report may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually really simple.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the various parts of this insightful report
and how to analyze the data like a pro. The first page on a standard ZYTO
wellness report features the Dynamic Profile. The dots represent biomarkers
which in turn represent different elements in the body such as organs,
glands, and systems. The Balance scans for over 170 biomarkers. In order to
measure how your body feels about the biomarkers and the product Virtual Items,
we need to first measure your range. In this example, you can see a range value
of 6.09. All the
biomarkers are scanned and then determined to be in range or out of
range based on your body’s response. Here you can see 99 red dots representing the
out-of-range biomarkers. The green dots inside the circle, or range, represent in-
range biomarkers. On the next page, you can see how different
product Virtual Items bring various biomarkers into range.
You can consider the products recommended on this page your top
overall product recommendations. The pattern of bringing biomarkers into
range continues until all of the out-of- range biomarkers are brought into range.
The next page features product descriptions. These descriptions are
provided to ZYTO directly from their respective product companies and are a
great way to assist you in learning about your products quickly. The
descriptions are also a great way to communicate to your customers about the
products and their recommended usage. On the next
page, things get really interesting. Here, the 170-plus biomarkers are categorized
into 4 core body system categories and 6 lifestyle categories. At the top
is some general information about the 4 core body systems to help you
understand their importance. Each category is presented in an easy-to-read
format so you can see what overall systems are the most out of range. For example, on this report, the gastrointestinal system is one of
the most out of range. Let’s take a deeper look at the gastrointestinal
system by going to its individual report page. Again, there’s information at the
top of the page to help you understand more about the category and the role it
plays in your wellness. The biomarkers directly related to this category are
presented in order of priority below. To the left you can see the biomarker name,
and to the right you can see its score in relationship to the range. If a
biomarker shows up as a zero on your report, like this one, it means that the
body’s response was equal to the baseline reading. Below is a
list of products that have been custom- selected to supplement this particular
category. The 170-plus
biomarkers the Balance scans include Virtual Items representing emotions. On
the Emotions page, just like the other category pages, you can see what emotions
ranked as top priorities for you as well as the custom product selections to
support those emotions. Finally, the Services page provides you with a great
opportunity to network with other holistic wellness providers. The ZYTO
Balance scans for various services that may be of benefit to your clients in
addition to products. For example, your client may have “Chiropractic Adjustment”
appear in this section. Along
with the Wellness Report, the Balance offers several other reports that can
provide additional insight into your client’s wellness. These include reports
that show your organ, teeth, vertebrae, and TCM meridian responses, as well as
responses to the energetic vectors for these items.
We hope this overview has been helpful and look forward to answering any
questions you may have.