hi my name is sedate : I'm an HHM from Racine County pony fun this is Bella she's a ten year old Hanoverian chiquinho mare and today we are going to demonstrate the proper way to do a jogger drag-outs are generally done at rally would you need to demonstrate to the ground jury that you're coerced in a proper form and fitness for the event specifically they are going to look at how sound your horses now when showing soundness you need to make sure your horse is forward enough that they can see the new blade of course is moving some horses like to get a little sticky that's why I have brought a jumpin bad generally you want to use a dressage whip to help your horse move forward it is important to remember to keep your hand about a foot length from the bit to where your hand is on the reins this allows the horse to use its head and neck in a way that normally would to show that your horse is really moving forward and really moving in their normal way now we are going to demonstrate thanks and we hope you learned a lot you