hi this is Jennifer from Tarle speech
with your pronunciation question today’s question is how do I pronounce the word
recognize and how do I add the suffixes ED ing and TI o n let’s go ahead
and take a look at my little chart that I made for you here right here you’re
gonna see numbers which I typically don’t have on my directions and the
words but the reason I have them here is because that is going to tell you how
many syllables we have in each word so let’s start with the root word recognize
three beats three syllables wreck ug nize now the key here is that we are
going to stress syllable 1 so even though that is a short vowel in that
syllable we’re going to hold that vowel a little tiny bit longer we’re gonna
make that syllable a little bit higher in pitch and we’re also going to make
that syllable a little bit louder so recognize recognize recognize now when
we add the e D to this word if you’re interested in this rule I actually have
a class on how to pronounce ED endings so you can check that out if you have
more questions but here because the word ends in a Z sound which is voiced we’re
going to end that word when we add the e D with a D sound because the D is also
voiced this is not going to add another syllable we’re just going to add that
extra sound on to the end of the word so again we’re going to stress syllable 1
and then we’re going to make sure that we just add that D sound to the end of
the word so wreck recognized recognized recognized now for recognizing what
happens here is when you add that ing it actually is another beat in the word so
let’s listen to that Rek ug nize zing so you have four
beats there again syllable number one is stressed rec recognizing recognizing
recognizing so let’s listen to all those words again recognize recognized
recognizing now you will hear slight differences with the syllables and the
lengths of the vowels in each of those syllables because if you’ve watched my
classes on word stress you know that as words get longer and have more syllables
we have to shorten some of the vowels even though it’s exactly the same vowel
because we only have a certain amount of time to say that word so let’s listen to
those three words again recognize recognized recognizing lastly we have
the word recognition this word really throws people off because we shift the
syllable stress to the syllable before the tion so I have a class on this
concept as well if you want to take a look at that so this word is going to
have four beats four syllables but we’re going to shift the word stress from the
rack to the Ni that’s why I have it underlined and in capital letters so
let’s take a look at the syllables wreck ug ni tion recognition recognition
recognition I’m going to say all the words in order now recognize recognized
recognizing recognition so give it a try I know people are going to notice the
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