(bright music) – What’s going on? My name is Stephen Taylor and I’m going to talk
to you about a groove that I get asked about
every time I play it. And I just call it
an up-beat shuffle and you can find an example
of this, actually, in the… I believe it was
released in 1985. It’s the Tears for Fears song Everybody Wants
to Rule the World. And it’s just a real cool
way to interpret a shuffle. So, what we’re
going to be doing is leaving some of
the triplets out. So, normally we have… (drumsticks clicking – triplets) Well, I’m gonna begin
on the second triplet and I’m going to play
every other triplet. So, on beat one
we wind up playing the second beat of the triplet. On beat two we wind
up playing the first and the third hit of the triplet and then we repeat that. So it goes… (demonstrates drum pattern) Once we get that
high-hat pattern down I want to do two things. I want to add the kick drum
on all four quarter notes and I want to add the
snare on two and four and you’ll have the basic
gist of what that groove is. (demonstrates drum pattern) Now some of you may stop there but if we want to take
it a step further, the second step
for this would be let’s add a shuffled kick drum. So, it’d go… (demonstrates) And on top of that,
we’re going to play the same high-hat pattern and the same snare drum pattern. (demonstrates drum pattern) And now if you really want
to take it to the next level, the third thing you can do is you can fill in all
of the other triplets with your left
hand ghosted notes. Now, the trick here
is I’m filling in all of the other
triplets but I still want to hit that
backbeat on two and four. So that may take some
working for some of you to get that what I
call a jab-punch-jab. That ghost note
into an accent note back into a ghosted note. (demonstrates drum pattern) That’s just a fun
variation on a shuffle. We call it the up-beat shuffle and you can add it
to your arsenal. I get asked about it
every time I play it and it’s really fun to work
on in your practice time. Again, I’m Stephen Taylor. I’m a satellite teacher
here for drumeo.com as well as I run my own
website teaching lessons on my own YouTube channel. But you can check out
all those links below. (upbeat tempo music)